Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Why Boyfriend Cole Tucker Is Her Perfect Match (Exclusive)

The ‘My Little Pony: A New Generation' actress shared why she and the MLB player work so well together.

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker are truly couple goals. Hudgens spoke with ET about why she and the MLB star are such a perfect fit.

"We're just like the same, we're very similar, we're very similar. We're such weirdos, it's wonderful," Hudgens gushed.

The couple met in a Zoom meditation class during the pandemic and were first spotted together last November. They later went Instagram official on Valentine's Day.

Meditation wasn't the only thing the 32-year-old actress leaned into during the pandemic. Hudgens tells ET she tried several new hobbies while stuck at home.

"I've had multiple hobbies, I’ve definitely leaned into multiple things. At one point I got a pole and I was taking Zoom lessons, pole dancing, which was tough. I had a lot of bruises, but it was no joke," she shared. "Eating, I did a lot of eating, I made a lot of anklets and necklaces and bracelets. Definitely leaned into some art, did a bit of painting and coloring, a lot of music and a lot of movies and TV."

But it hasn't all just been painting and Zoom classes for Hudgens. She also starred in her first animated film, My Little Pony: A New Generation. Hudgens told ET that she loved every minute of using her voice to play her character, Sunny.

"It was so nice. I'm a cozy broad, so I love showing up to work and being able to stay cozy all day and really just digging into this character and this story. And you know, it's such a great story, it's such a great character, I just loved every minute of it," she shared. "I was so excited. I think they were kind of taken aback by how excited I was."

Hudgens isn't too far off from the pony she plays either, adding that their both "a little kooky" at times.

"We both stand up for what we believe in, we're both go-getters, that is for sure, and we're both very down for an adventure," she explained.

The latest re-imagining of the children's classic reminds children to celebrate their individuality and find their sparkle, a theme that has remained constant throughout the My Little Pony films and TV shows.

"I mean, finding your sparkle, celebrating your uniqueness and your individuality I think is such an important message, especially for kids," she said. "And as well as inclusiveness, you know? You meet these characters and they had never met the different breeds before, and they were told that they were dangerous, and Sunny doesn't subscribe to that message, and she's like, 'No, there once was a time when they were all friends,' and through an adventure she becomes friends with these different breeds of ponies and magic happens. And I feel like while we might not have things floating around, without friendship and the magic that it creates, there is a true magic within friendship."

My Little Pony: A New Generation streams Sept. 24 on Netflix.