Vanessa Lachey Says She Never Got Her Paycheck for Appearing in Nick’s Music Video (Exclusive)

The cute couple sat down with Kevin Frazier on Tuesday's ET.

It's been nearly 10 years since Nick Lachey first popped the question to wife Vanessa Lachey, and the pair are looking back at their super sweet romance.

The happy couple sat down with Kevin Frazier on Tuesday's Entertainment Tonight, where they opened up about how they've made their marriage work so well for the better part of a decade.

"I think the good part is it doesn't feel like 10 years, honestly," Nick shared. "It feels like it was just yesterday we were planning our wedding, and doing the [TV] special and the whole thing, and [having] three kids. It kind of just flies by!"

The pair -- who got engaged in November 2010 and tied the knot in July 2011 -- first met on the set of the music video for Nick's song "What's Left of Me" in 2006.

Vanessa remembers it well, because it's where she met her future husband, and because she apparently never got her paycheck for the appearance.

"I never got paid for that video," the TV personality and former ET co-host explained.

"I've been paying every day since that video!" Nick jokingly shot back.

Of course, ET had a clip all queued up from an on-set interview with the pair from the set of the music video 14 years ago -- before they sparked their romance -- in which Vanessa gushed over betting to play Nick's leading lady.

"Someone said that I'm the Nick Main Squeeze in the video. I like that better. Not the Video Vixen -- the Nick Main Squeeze," Vanessa said at the time. "At least for 24 hours!"

Looking back at the clip, she couldn't help but admit that she was definitely flirting with her future husband in a big way.

"See ladies! If you know what you want, go for it," Vanessa said with a laugh.

Now, all these years later, the pair have teamed up to help others find love with a new reality dating show called Love Is Blind. 30 people, 15 men and 15 women, will be divided and placed into adjacent rooms, and will get to know one another and, hopefully, get engaged without ever actually seeing one another.

"You're put on the other side of a wall from someone you can't see but you have to get to know them and learn about them purely by talking, by having conversations, by asking questions," Nick explained. "You only see that person you've created a connection with once you've proposed to them and they've accepted."

Nick and Vanessa host the reality dating series Love Is Blind, which premieres Feb. 13 on Netflix.