Victoria Beckham Reflects on 20 Years of Marriage With David Beckham (Exclusive)

She also discusses launching her new YouTube channel!

This summer, David and Victoria Beckham will celebrate 20 years of matrimony!

The latter recently sat down with ET to discuss her fall and winter clothing lines, where she also chatted about the upcoming milestone. Although Beckham made it clear that she doesn’t intend to do anything radical, like an over-the-top vow renewal ceremony, she did gush about her hubby.

“We'll probably just celebrate with the kids,” she explained, adding, “David is such a great husband, such a great dad and the most incredible business partner that anybody could ever want. He really supports me in what I do.”

Beckham also talked about launching her own YouTube channel, where she will let fans in on her globetrotting adventures and putting together garments for her fashion lines.

“It's the biggest show that I've done. There were more looks than I've done before,” she teased.

When asked just how much she intends to push the limits on her new channel, Beckham joked: “I mean, let’s be honest, I want to gain followers not lose them. So I will keep the nudity minimal… You do get to see inside my closet and how messy I really am. There'll be some family moments in there as well ‘cause my family is such a huge part of what I do.”

And she did take the time to once again pour cold water on any expectation that she’ll be joining the rest of the Spice Girls during their tour this year.

“I couldn't do it and, you know, I’m so busy doing what I’m doing now,” she said. “But I will always be a Spice Girl and I’m very excited to see what they are going to do. Every time I do an interview, I don't want to sound like, ‘Absolutely not.’ I don't want to be mean in any way. I love the idea of it but the reality is that it won't happen. They'll be great.”

Check out the full chat, including Beckham's very first interview with ET, up above!