Victoria's Secret Model Bridget Malcolm Reveals She Gained Weight in Empowering Blog Post About Body Image

Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for David Jones

Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm reveals she's gained weight... but doesn't "give a f**k about it."

In a new blog post entry, titled "My Road to Body Acceptance," that was shared to her website earlier this week, the 26-year-old Australian gets candid about why she recently ended her years-long obsession with dieting.

The blonde beauty says it all started last August, when she decided to "make peace" with her body by throwing away her scale, measuring tape and the clothes she wore when she was at her smallest. She says she also deleted all her "gym selfies" from Instagram, along with any pictures showing her "progress" on her phone.

"Basically, I wanted no point of reference any more of a time when I was smaller, or larger. I just wanted to stop looking in mirrors and telling myself that I was 'too fat,' and 'not doing enough,'" she explains. "Easy to say, insanely hard to do. I was attempting to undo 12 years of being told to lose weight and 'tone up.'"

Malcolm reveals that she made the transition to a healthier lifestyle by giving up her strict diet, making sure to not skip any meals and "stopped allowing guilt to exist." Though it wasn't easy at first, she powered through it.

"I cannot tell you how many times I went to bed with my head whirling -- trying to get me to latch onto how much I ate at dinner, or during the day, or trying to convince myself to change my diet, start training hard again, start tracking my size, just start doing more," she says. "It felt like two steps forward, one and three quarters step back."

"When I was ordering food for dinner, I ordered what I wanted," she continues. "And strangely enough -- the need to gorge myself is slowly fading away. I was OK with being done when I was full. When food isn’t a scarcity we stop feeling so desperate around it. But most importantly, when I saw my body reflected back at me, I said nice things to myself. I chose to empower my self."

And despite gaining weight, Malcolm says she couldn't be happier of her decision. "There are far bigger fish to fry in the world than your thigh size," she says. "There are so many better uses for your brain."

"My life is so much more than my jean size," she adds. "And every day when that voice in my head tries to tell me I am worthless, it gets a little easier to shut it down. I am setting myself free slowly."

Additionally, Malcolm took to Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a photo of herself in a bikini. "This girl is not fat," she captioned it.

"I remember around when this photo was taken, I had been told that I needed to lose weight," she remembered. "Not for the first time and not for the last time. Always fun trying to act like you’re confident and happy in swimwear when you’re at war with your body..."


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