Viola Davis Talks ‘Magic’ On-Screen Chemistry With Kerry Washington in Crossover Episode

Viola Davis

Prepare your bodies for the moment Olivia Pope meets Annalise Keating! The Scandal/How to Get Away With Murdercrossover episode is coming up, and HTGAWM star Viola Davis is already getting TGIT fans pumped for the moment the two Shondaland leading ladies – herself and Kerry Washington -- cross paths.

“I have to tell you, every time we touched on the show it was static electricity. Every single time it was black girl magic on steroids. I’m telling you!” Davis insisted on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Davis noted that she hasn’t seen any of the footage from the episode, but that she’s “hoping” it will translate on the screen. Scandal is currently in its final season, and star Washington opened up to ET’s Nancy O’Dell at the Golden Globes about the historic episode.

“It’s a little bit of a dream come true! It makes me think about tonight, you know, all these women coming together for each other,” Washington told ET, referencing the Time’s Up movement at the Globes. “And that’s what we do at Shondaland every day. We are able to support each other and lift each other up. And the fact that I get to do scenes with Viola Davis is such a dream come true because she’s such a hero of mine.”

On Kimmel, Davis went on to talk about another important lady in her life – her 6-year-old daughter, Genesis Tennon. The Oscar winner noted that Genesis came with her to the show’s taping for a very important reason.

“She comes to all the talk shows with me, and you are the gold standard,” she told Kimmel. “She goes to every talk show and tastes the food and says, ‘Not as good as Jimmy Kimmel’s.’”

“Finally, we’re winning in one category,” the host quipped.

Davis added that her daughter is now into karate.

“I love it,” the proud mom said. “I could do the politically correct thing and say, ‘She’s in it for the mental discipline and it tires her out,’ but I wanted her to learn how to kick somebody’s a**. People don’t tell girls that. I walk around with my pepper spray, my little pink thing to make it look cute. I was detained once at Heathrow Airport because of my little pepper spray.”

Kimmel also asked if Davis would ever consider a presidential run.

“No, I like vodka too much. I’ve got some questionable things on my record,” she joked. “You know, I’d probably cuss out Congress, complete thug approach.”

For more on the Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder crossover episode, watch ET’s exclusive interview with Washington below!


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