Walter Mercado: Celebrate Netflix's 'Mucho Mucho Amor' With These Films and TV Shows Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Walter Mercado

Ahead of the release of 'Mucho Mucho Amor,' find out what show or movie you should watch based on your zodiac sign.

Walter Mercado enamored audiences with his astrology readings, positivity and words of wisdom for many years. Now audiences will get an intimate look at the iconic Puerto Rican, gender-nonconforming astrologer's life in Netflix's documentary Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado, streaming July 8.

The doc captures Mercado's final two years, when he grappled with aging and his legacy, and prepared for one last star-studded spectacle. It also chronicles his rise to fame and subsequent disappearance from the public eye, before his death on Nov. 2, 2019.

To celebrate the film's release -- in Mercado fashion -- here are recommendations of what to watch on Netflix based on your zodiac sign.

Capricorn - People of this sign are hardworking, responsible and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, which is why our recommendation is Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love, which has new episodes July 20. Fifteen-year-old scientist Ashley Garcia explores the great unknown of modern teendom after moving across the country to pursue a career in robotics.

Aquarius - This air sign is distinguished by being free-spirited and adventurous, daydreaming and fighting for good causes all while having fun, which is why The Baby-Sitters Club suits them perfectly. Ann M. Martin's beloved books get a modern update in this series, which follows a group of girlfriends and their homegrown baby-sitting business.

Pisces - People born under this water sign have no qualms about showing their romantic side, so they will love to watch The Kissing Booth 2, which premieres July 24. With college decisions looming, Elle juggles her long-distance romance with Noah, changing relationship with bestie Lee, and feelings for a new classmate.


Aries - People who are born under this fire sign are distinguished by being competitive and enthusiastic, which is why we recommend watching Home Game. This docuseries profiles unique and dangerous traditional sports from around the world, as well as the communities and cultures where they thrive.

Taurus - The determination and ambition to achieve any goal they set their minds to are characteristics that distinguish this Earth sign, which is why they will be fascinated by The Old Guard. In this new film, premiering July 10, four undying warriors who’ve secretly protected humanity for centuries become targeted for their mysterious powers just as they discover a new immortal.

Gemini - This air sign is characterized by its duality -- those who are governed by it can go from one point to another seamlessly. That's why we recommend Feel the Beat, a film that follows a self-centered dancer who, after blowing an audition on Broadway, reluctantly returns home and agrees to coach a squad of young misfits for a big competition.

Cancer - If this water sign stands out for something, it is for the love they have for their family and those closest to them, just like the protagonists of Gentefied, where the Morales cousins scramble to save their grandfather's taco shop -- and pursue their own dreams -- as gentrification shakes up their L.A. neighborhood.


Leo - Ruled by the sun, this sign thrives in luxury and popularity, so they will love watching Elite. When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.

Virgo - This Earth sign is distinguished by order, which is why there is no doubt that they will love Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. This bestselling author is changing lives -- and healing homes from the inside out -- by helping clients clear out the clutter and choose joy.

Libra - The kindness of the people of this air sign is perfectly matched with their sociable character. They will surely love Becoming, where they can accompany former first lady Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she tours with her book Becoming.


Scorpio - The people who share this water sign are characterized by being analytical and reasoning everything. We are sure that they will remain intrigued with Unsolved Mysteries, as real cases of perplexing disappearances, shocking murders and paranormal encounters fuel this gripping revival of the iconic documentary series.

Sagittarius - They are characterized by being positive and optimistic people, adapting to any situation and doing it willingly, just like Mr. Iglesias. This comedy series follows hilarious high school teacher Gabriel Iglesias, who is trying to make a difference in the lives of some smart but underperforming students at his alma mater.