Watch Casey Wilson React to Surprise Message From 'Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis (Exclusive)

ET made a 'dream' come true for the 'Black Monday' actress, who has been waiting to hear from the 'Southern Charm' star for years!

It’s a reply years in the making.

Listeners of Casey Wilson’s podcast, Bitch Sesh, are familiar with her affinity for Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, the red-headed beauty whose life has served as a focal point of the Bravo hit series for the last six years thanks, mostly, to her roller-coaster relationship with ex Thomas Ravenel. Viewers have watched as Dennis overcame various odds, a journey that moved Wilson so much that she sent Dennis a lengthy, passionate direct message on Twitter years ago, expressing how proud she was of her. Wilson has shared the story of the DM multiple times because it never received a reply… until now.

ET surprised Wilson with a video response from Dennis during a recent video chat, which left the Black Monday actress in shock.

"No!" she exclaims as soon as Dennis popped up on screen, her jaw going slack.

"Hi, Casey! I just want to thank you for being such a big supporter," Dennis shares in the prerecorded clip, in which her son, Saint, runs around in the background. "I know that you sent me a DM, but are you sure it went through? Because I can’t find it. I even went and searched for it and I didn't see anything."

"I just want to say thank you so much for your support," Dennis reiterates. "And I hope you have a lovely day."

"You know what? All is forgiven!" Wilson exclaims after watching the message. "She also probably wasn't expecting that the DM would come through Twitter and not Instagram, you know. That’s who’s doing that these days, just me. All is forgiven. This is thrilling. She looks beautiful. I'm thrilled to see a little sight of her gorgeous baby boy. This was really the lift that I needed."

"I have had two greatest moments during quarantine, first being [my podcast co-host Danielle Schneider] and I just did Watch What Happens Live … with Sonja Morgan, and this is the second lift. Thank you," she expresses. "Thank you, Kathryn."

"Absolutely nailed it," she adds. "You throw out a prayer, you know, you could be speaking into the void. You never know what comes back and it’s like no time at all passed, you know, when I tweeted her two years ago. Thank you."

Wilson is currently self-isolating alongside her family -- husband David Caspe and sons, Max, 4, and Henry, 2, -- in their Los Angeles home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Have I been better? Absolutely," Wilson shares of her time in "quarantine."

"I'm happy and blessed to be safe and healthy," she says. "I am homeschooling my two toddlers. It's been raining every day for 10 days and… send help."

Wilson is staying occupied with her hit Bravo-themed podcast, work she's grateful she can still do while trapped inside.

"It's actually working well," she admits. "I think, as everyone is finding with certain things that you think will be kind of a disaster, such as Passover, we did last night on Zoom, we’re bobbing and weaving."

"I'm just glad we get to keep doing it and trying to provide a laugh for people, which I think -- I hope -- is needed right now," Wilson continues. "I think any laughs, at least I’m finding, are very kind of nourishing during this crazy time."

Wilson says she’s "electrified" by the new season of The Real Housewives of New York City, eager to see how the Denise Richards-Brandi Glanville drama shakes out on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has just touched down on Summer House for the first time while trapped inside own house. She believes all the women of the show share the voice of Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay.

Wilson is also offering entertainment beyond Bitch Sesh in this time of quarantine; she reveals to ET that the cast of her beloved (and canceled too soon!) ABC sitcom Happy Endings will reunite for a virtual table read soon, and fans can watch her on the midseason finale of Showtime’s Black Monday, airing this Sunday.

"I want to just give this pitch about Black Monday, because I think the tone has been slightly misunderstood: it is, like, a 30 Rock/set in the '80s," Wilson says. "It is wildly fun. It is hard comedy and it's kind of, like, tonally, a mystery and it has romance. It's a tone I've never seen before and I feel like if people are watching it, they're loving it."

Wilson plays, in her words, "a kind of '80s, power-hungry, rich, Republican and bitch on wheels, who's the greatest character of all time. I love her so much. And she's, you know, really fun and slightly abusive, [and] the former heiress to a jean company." Naturally, Wilson says her character, Tiff, would fit in perfectly with the Real Housewives.

"I honestly think Tiff would be a Housewife now, for sure," she says. "She is a Housewife. She's wild and she has all this money and she's an heiress, and she’s vindictive and she's abusive and she’s unhinged and she’s unwell, but she’s also a ton of fun. So, I think she would fit in very well with the New York Housewives."

As for what Tiff’s tagline would be, Wilson offers up, "I'm rich, I'm a bitch and buy my jeans!"

Black Monday's midseason finale airs Sunday on Showtime, while Wilson’s podcast, Bitch Sesh, is available wherever you listen to podcasts.