'Happy Endings' Cast Reuniting for Virtual Table Read, Casey Wilson Says (Exclusive) 

Wilson's husband, 'Happy Endings' creator David Caspe, finalized the details on Thursday.

The cast of Happy Endings is reuniting! 

In an interview with ET's Brice Sander on Thursday, Casey Wilson revealed that she and her co-stars would be coming together for a virtual table read. Her husband, Happy Endings creator David Caspe, was finalizing the details on Thursday morning. 

"It's going to be fun. Really fun," Wilson raved -- but noted she can't yet reveal if they'll be reading through an old episode or new material.

"I'm excited. We were going to do it sooner, but we just couldn't get it all together, and now we're really excited," she added. "I love that show so much."

The Happy Endings table read won't be the first time a cast has reunited during the coronavirus-induced quarantine. The cast of The Nanny held a "Pandemic Table Read" last week. 

Happy Endings -- which followed the dysfunctional adventures of six best friends living in Chicago -- aired for three seasons on ABC. It was canceled by the network in 2013, but remained beloved by fans. 

Over the years, the Happy Endings cast has spoken about a possible revival, and last August, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke said the network was looking into possibly bringing the show back. 

"There were some rumors and it was news to me, but I think Sony reached out... I know everybody who was on Happy Endings wants to go back and do something, so we'll see," Zach Knighton told ET last year. "Everybody's on shows right now and everybody's kind of contractually obligated to other places, other networks, but we'd love to do the show."

Wilson is currently starring on Showtime's Black Monday. The comedy series chronicles the events leading up to the stock market crash on Oct. 19, 1987. 

"I play a kind of '80s, power-hungry, rich, Republican and b**ch on wheels, who's the greatest character of all time," Wilson said of her character, Tiff. "I love her so much. She's really fun and slightly abusive." 

According to the actress, filming has been "totally completed" for season 2, but editing together the episodes has become more of a challenge amid the coronavirus pandemic. "There's really a little bit of work left to be done, so for everyone's safety, we have to split it," she explained. 

Black Monday feels like "a 30 Rock set in the '80s," Wilson said -- and she can't recommend it enough.  "It is wildly fun. It is hard comedy and it's kind of, like, tonally, a mystery and it has romance. It's a tone I've never seen before," she shared. "I feel like if people are watching it, they're loving it."

"And Don Cheadle and Regina Hall are superstars, and Andrew Rannels, my little baby, is so amazing in it, and June Diane Raphael is on, Dule Hill is on, Michael Hitchcock this year, Paul Scheer, obviously, Horatio Sanz, Yassir Lester -- it's got great comedians in it, and it's a tremendously fun show," she added.

Black Monday airs its midseason finale Sunday on Showtime. 



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