Watch Huda Kattan Reflect on Her 'Dream Come True' ET Interview on 'Huda Boss' (Exclusive)

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Huda Kattan's recent visit to the ET office was a "dream come true" for her. 

The beauty mogul and mother of one candidly opened up about her career and personal life for ET's Unfiltered series, but now, she's taking viewers behind the scenes of the experience on Tuesday's episode of her Facebook Watch docuseries, Huda Boss

"Entertainment Tonight is something that I watched as a child and it's always been something that has been so glamorous and had all these amazing celebrities," she says in a sneak peek of Huda Boss' upcoming episode. "So, the opportunity to be interviewed is a dream come true."

The interview came at a trying time for Kattan, whose eyeliner fiasco affected her state of mind. However, she was able to focus on the present -- and past -- and open up to ET about how her childhood shaped her into the person she is today. 

"As a child, I was bullied a lot. We didn't have the money that the rest of the kids had. I didn't look like the other kids did. My parents were immigrants, and for that reason, a lot of kids went out of their way to make sure that you knew you were not one of them. And it really hurt me," she explains of how emotional she got during her Unfiltered interview. "When you're a child, looking for that need and comfort to belong, and just not getting that. It's just... it's the worst feeling ever. It still is affecting me to this day."

Kattan told ET that she still struggles with issues of self-love, but she's pushed past those insecurities to build a billion-dollar beauty brand. 

"I definitely think when I first started it was really challenging, 'cause we were starting our beauty brand from the Middle East and it wasn't common to do that," she said. And it was almost like we were pioneering. I remember saying to my husband so many times like, I don't know what I'm doing." 

"There's not a blueprint for me to follow, but I've always trusted my intuition and I made decisions," she shared. "And I do feel that any time I've ever made the wrong decision it's because I allowed somebody to interfere and override my intuition. Sometimes, you really need to trust your gut." 

Watch Kattan's Unfiltered interview below. 


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