Watch James Arthur's New 'Empty Space' Music Video Starring 'Harry Potter's Tom Felton

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Harry Potter star Tom Felton is taking a dramatic turn, playing a heartbroken loner in James Arthur’s music video for his new single, “Empty Space.”

The video opens with the 31-year-old hiding in his car with a camera, watching a couple in another car kiss. Naturally, viewers are led to believe he’s spying on an ex or current girlfriend’s clandestine dalliance with another man. Soon, Felton’s character finds himself watching old home movies of himself and the woman in question during a happier time. 

Then the downward spiral beings. Soon he’s crying, throwing things, drinking and wandering the streets alone. Interspersed are more snippets of the once-happy couple, sharing kisses, eating ice cream and moving into a new home together. Felton provides a myriad of facial expressions to convey the deep-set anguish and grief of an important relationship coming to an end.

In the lyrics to Arthur’s soulful track, he also expresses regret and grief, looking for answers in all the wrong places.

“I’ve been drinking/I've been doin' things I shouldn't do,” he sings. “Overthinkin’/I don't know who I am without you. I’m a liar and a cheat/I let my ego swallow me/And that's why I might never see you again.”

As the video draws to a close, the old clips and the present seem to merge. The couple gets in a car wreck and his girlfriend is in the driver’s seat and injured. Felton’s character gets out, dripping with blood and looks back — to find another Felton, who appears to be in the remembering this incident. Or perhaps it’s just a metaphor for their relationship and its ending.

“Empty Space” is the second single on Arthur’s as-of-yet untitled third album after, “You Deserve Better/At My Weakest,” which was released in August.

Check out the full video above. 


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