Watch Lisa Marie Presley Share Childhood Memories in 2012 Graceland Tour

The daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley gave ET an exclusive tour of her family's iconic home.

In the wake of Lisa Marie Presley's death at 54, ET is looking back at the time we were lucky enough to spend with Lisa Marie, her family and the memories of her famous father, Elvis Presley

Back in 2012, Lisa Marie welcomed ET into Elvis' legendary Memphis estate, Graceland, showcasing some new displays -- including one that detailed the singer's charity work and contributions, and one that focused on his relationship with his only child.

"They pulled together the most amazing things," she marveled at the time. "It's kind of encapsulating my childhood, my life. It's emotional and fascinating and interesting all in one."

The Graceland exhibit recreated Lisa Marie's childhood nursery down to the wallpaper, and displayed some of her toys and possessions, including her first record player, a toddler-sized white faux fur jacket that "everyone thought was so luxurious," and the key to her personal golf cart that she drove all around the estate.

"It was my key to terror, freedom, mayhem," she recalled with a laugh. "That key was my life, it was never far from me."

See the whole tour in the video above.

Following her death on Jan. 12, Lisa Marie was laid to rest at Graceland this week, ahead of a public memorial planned for Saturday, Jan. 22. She is buried with Elvis, her son, Benjamin Keough -- who died by suicide in 2020 -- Elvis' parents, Vernon and Gladys, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae. There is also a smaller memorial stone for Elvis' twin brother, Jessie, who died at birth.

When ET sat down with Lisa Marie at Graceland, she also opened up about the legacy of Elvis' legendary home and rumors about its future. 

"It is absolutely 100 percent mine and it has always been mine, Graceland," she shared. "It will always be. And when it is no longer mine, it will be my children's. And that is that."

Lisa Marie also noted at the time that caring for and preserving Graceland, along with her father's legacy, was a "constant job."

"You have to keep striving for quality and preserving and being very protective," she said. "It's a non-stop focus and job for all of us."

As for her favorite memento or memory from Graceland, Lisa Marie said there were too many to pick just one. "Everything [in] there is kind of everything that was close to him or whatever, so it's all very important and meaningful," she noted.