Watch 'Love Is Blind's Laura and Chelsea Play 'Kiss, Marry, Kill' (Exclusive)

Chelsea Blackwell and Laura Dadisman from season six of 'Love Is Blind' play a friendly game about some of their castmates.

Chelsea Blackwell and Laura Dadisman are in ET's hot seat! 

The two women of Love is Blind's sixth season recently spilled the E-Tea during the Netflix Summer Break party in Los Angeles. Getting right to the good stuff, Laura kicked things off with a game of "Kiss, Marry, Kill," where she asked Chelsea to pick from some of Netflix's biggest male stars. 

"[Matt] Barnett season 1 of Love is Blind, Harry Jowsey from every show on Netflix and Trevor [Sova] from our season," Laura says.

"I'm a girls girl," Chelsea begins.

"Barnett's married. We're gonna kill off Barnett because he's married," Chelsea replies. "We will kiss Harry just for s***s and gigs and then marry Trevor because we already -- we're almost there."

"Those weren't the answers I was expecting," Laura reveals. 

Chelsea's decision about Trevor comes after the pair initially connected in the pods before she fell for Jimmy Presnell, leaving Trevor to end his season single. Trevor also spent the reunion explaining an alleged relationship he had outside of the show.

Moving on to more girl talk, Chelsea asked Laura what her reality TV show tagline would be. 

"Go kick rocks with open-toed shoes, baby," Laura said, referencing the iconic line she dropped during season 6. "All day baby, that's my tagline." 

"100 percent I was going to be concerned if you didn't say that," Chelsea says. 

Chelsea and Laura also revealed what they were sipping from their gold goblets -- amid all the love and drama -- during the filming of the reality dating series. 

"Typically in my goblet was Sauvignon Blanc," Laura spilled. "Or some Prosecco." 

"Remember that time we tried to make espresso martinis?" Chelsea quips.

"We did have espresso martinis in the lounge," Laura shares. 

It was all fun and games for Chelsea, who is still single. However, Laura is currently dating a man whom she found outside of the Netflix series. 

Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix.