Watch Pete Davidson Get Tackled by Jerod Mayo in Super Bowl Spot

The 'SNL' star is partnering with a mayonnaise brand.

Pete Davidson is tackling food waste -- or rather getting tackled. The Saturday Night Live comedian stars in a Hellmann’s commercial with NFL player Jerod Mayo, making this his first Super Bowl spot.

In the ad, Mayo takes it upon himself to combat food waste. In the process, he sacks a few unsuspecting folks who think they’re going to get away with tossing perfectly good food in the garbage. 

After tackling a man who is thinking about tossing bread, a woman who believes she’s done with her potatoes, and a grandmother who is considering getting rid of a chicken, Jerod finally meets Pete.  

While the comedian is enjoying chips with his “Ma” at a Super Bowl party, Jerod enters the party ready to sack away some more waste. 

Instead, Pete lets him know that things are all under control and that there is no need to tackle his mother.  

After noting to his mom that Mayo is "a big guy,” the 28-year-old star is the final victim of the unsuspected sack. After taking the hit like a true champ, Jerod tells Pete, he just “had to.”

The comedian responds, “I get it, I’m very hittable.”  


Hellmann's longstanding mission has been to reduce food waste, and the new ad will highlight how the Super Bowl is the second most wasteful food day in the United States. The brand will also reveal other celebs who are working to tackle the issue.