Watch Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss Reveal the Sex of Their First Child (Exclusive)

The musician and the WWE star tied the knot in April 2022.

Congrats are in order! Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss found out if they're having a boy or a girl at a grand reveal party!

Entertainment Tonight was at the celebration, held at Common Ground in New York City recently, and cameras were rolling as the big moment arrived.

The father-to-be smashed open a decorative guitar to answer the burning question -- and showered the partygoers in a cloud of pink powder -- mean a baby girl is on the way for the happy couple!

ET's Rachel Smith sat down with the expectant parents -- who tied the knot in April 2022 -- after the big event, and they opened up about how they first learned they were going to be welcoming a baby, and their plans for the immediate future.

As it turns out, the pair weren't actually trying to have a kid. However, despite best efforts, things turned out differently than they expected. However -- as Ryan explained -- it took her seven pregnancy tests in total to finally believe they weren't all false positives.

However, just because they weren't planning on it, Alexa said that this was "the best timing."

"What we figured out after was, like, there's never the 'perfect' time," Ryan shared. "It would always be like, you know, 'This is in the way, this is in the way.' But what if we miss this?"

Now, with Ryan gleefully embracing his forthcoming role as a "girl dad," the pair are gearing up for the important stuff -- like getting their nursery set up and decorated (with the couple's beloved Disney theme).

"Disney, of course, is huge in our lives," Ryan said. "We're gonna recreate a whole Peter Pan thing."

"We're such Disney people -- not that it's not actually gonna happen -- but the baby's estimated due date is Walt Disney's birthday," Alexa added, implying the couple could be welcoming their baby girl around Dec. 5.

Now, in the wake of their fun party, Ryan says the couple are "already planning" the fun festivities for their co-ed baby shower.

"We like to entertain people," he shared. "[We like to find a] good excuse to get people together, 'cause obviously, at this point of our life, everyone's so busy and everyone's doing so many things. So getting together seems harder and harder these days."

"So we try to be like, 'OK, here's a date, we're gonna do something grandiose, everyone's gonna have a blast,'" Ryan added. "It's just a good reason to get people in the same room, just a room full of love. And that's what the baby shower will be too."

Congrats to the happy couple!