Watch What Happens When Tom Holland Calls Timothee Chalamet Live On-Air

The 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' star dialed up Chalamet, who shared the screen with Holland's girlfriend, Zendaya, in 'Dune.'

Tom Holland got a taste of the "Sit Down, Stand Up" game that's taken the U.K. by storm, and while doing so, the Uncharted star dialed up none other than Timothée Chalamet. And hilarity ensued.

Holland made a pit stop Thursday on BBC Radio 1 in London, and it was there where host Greg James clued in the Spider-Man: No Way Home star about the game in which the host and the guest call a friend and, without offering even an ounce of explanation, ask if they're sitting down or standing up.

After going through his Rolodex and dialing up rapper Stormzy (who was sitting down) and Andrew Garfield (who didn't answer), Holland turned to Chalamet. But he also didn't answer! James then turned to Greta Thunberg. The phone rang and rang, prompting Holland to quip, "Wow, we're not very popular are we? We learned that we're both a couple of losers and no one wants to talk to us!"

But Chalamet came in the clutch, because he eventually returned Holland's call. After playing the silly but addicting game with Chalamet (he was sitting down), Holland informed the Dune star he was in town and they should grab a bite. Chalamet accepted the invite and they hung up, which James was bummed about because he wanted to have a quick chat with Chalamet.

Holland seemed to really enjoy himself, perhaps not as much as trying to nail the game's theme song. By the way, James explained that the game came about after asking listeners how they were avoiding boredom during the pandemic lockdown. He said one of his listeners told him she came up with the game while in a car ride with her boyfriend, and James has since popularized the game on his radio show. Ed Sheeran participated during a recent appearance. He called Elton John (who was sitting down).

It was a funny moment between Zendaya's off-screen/on-screen and on-screen love interests. It's not the first time Chalamet's played a game that involved either Holland or Zendaya. Back in October, the Dune stars took a BFF quiz for Buzzfeed and Chalamet teased Zendaya when he had to guess who was her biggest celebrity crush.

"Easy," Chalamet said of Zendaya with a grin, looking at the camera, "Tom Holland." 

Zendaya looked down, and seemed to blush as she laughed at her co-star's comment about her -- at the time -- rumored boyfriend.

Fun times!