'Welcome to Plathville': Moriah Cuts Ties With Olivia, Kim Starts Dating After Divorce in Season 5 Trailer

Season 5 of the reality series premieres Sept. 5 on TLC. Watch the emotional trailer.

The Plath family is back -- and it's a little messy! 

In the season 5 trailer for Welcome to Plathville, the family is picking up the pieces (and starting fresh) amid Barry and Kim's separation -- which is leading to their divorce. The drama starts instantly as Moriah speaks to her parents about her former friend, Olivia -- who is seen hugging her brother, Ethan -- as she details the rift in their friendship.

"She was using a made-up story to validate her big emotions," Moriah says as she speaks to Kim. 

"Olivia said that my mom had used Ethan's credit card and was stealing from Ethan," Moriah tells the producers. 

Meanwhile, Olivia tells the producers that when she returned from her time in Europe, Moriah nor her family wanted to talk to her or "have anything to do with me." 

Ethan echoes her sentiments, sharing in an emotional clip that Moriah blocked and cut off all communication with him, adding that "the family is falling apart ... it's a big old mess." 

Micah is still having a hard time with his parents' divorce and makes that clear as he talks to Kim. 

"I always thought that you and Dad were perfect together," he says, before sharing in another clip that he is "still bitter about the whole divorce," and that he is tired of walking on eggshells when it comes to his parents' issues.

Even though the kids have troubles of their own, Kim and Barry seem to be adjusting to single life with new partners and hobbies.

Kim is seen on a date with a man whom she asks, "Would you call me your girlfriend?"

The man, whose face appears out of the frame replies, "Definitely."

Kim seems smitten, telling the producers in an interview that he gives her "the warm fuzzies." 

As for Barry, he has discovered the gym and is all about his buff new physique. 

"Working out, that’s my new hobby,” Barry says over clips of him working out. "The blood flows in and everything gets bigger."

One another lighter note, Olivia reunites with her sister, Lydia Grace, after being estranged for many years.

For her part, Moriah's new ink that reads "Rebel" will also have a moment, and cause a conversation with Barry.

"So you’re rebelling against everything that our enemy has planned against you?" Barry asks his daughter. 

"That sums it up!" Moriah says proudly.

As the trailer ends, Ethan returns to an empty home and holds up a handwritten letter, before it cuts to him having a tense conversation with Moriah. And following clips of various family members breaking down, Moriah is seen getting baptized, signaling a rebirth.

"I’ve carried all this baggage and weight of all the mistakes that I've made my whole life and it's time to just put that down," Moriah says as Barry dips her head into water.

Welcome to Plathville returns to TLC on Sept. 5 at 10 p.m.