Wells Adams Says the 'Most Insane' 'Bachelor in Paradise' Moment of the Season Has Yet to Happen (Exclusive)

The 'BiP' star told ET that fans will be 'blown away' by the penultimate episode.

The drama on the beach isn't letting up anytime soon. Despite filming during a global pandemic, having to evacuate due to a hurricane, and two couples being ousted from the beach, Wells Adams told ET that the most shocking Bachelor in Paradise moment of the season has yet to happen.

"Everyone's been saying how this is such a bonkers year and I keep on being like, 'You guys haven't seen anything yet. It's about to get even more insane.' And that's what's coming up this week on BiP," the bartender and master of ceremonies teased of the show's upcoming three-hour-long episode, which will air on Tuesday.

As for what contributes to the drama, Wells pointed to his conversation with Ivan, which was teased in a preview of the episode.

"I've been teasing all season long that the craziest thing that happens this season hasn't happened yet," Wells told ET. "A lot of people thought that I was teasing the throwing of the cake in the fire, or even the Aaron confrontation with Ivan. And it's not. What [Ivan and I] go talk about is the thing that I thought, from my vantage point, was the most insane thing."

While Wells stayed mum about the content of their conversation, he teased, "It's a thing that has never happened before in Paradise, probably will never happen again, and if not for some crazy, weird, extreme circumstances, wouldn't have happened."

"I think people are going to be blown away when they hear what happens," Wells added.

Looking ahead to the final two episodes, Wells pointed to "three really strong couples" -- Joe and Serena, Riley and Maurissa, and Mari and Kenny -- who he thinks could go the distance.

For Joe and Serena, that stability didn't come easily, as they had to contend with Joe's ex, Kendall's, arrival on the beach. Ultimately, Kendall left the show when Joe decided to continue pursuing his relationship with Serena, rather than reigniting his romance with her.

"I'm big team Joe and Serena. I've known Joe for a very long time and I think he's just a very sweet guy. I've also known Kendall for a very long time and I love her as well," Wells said. "I think that she's a victim of timing. If the roles were reversed and she was there first, it might have gone completely different for her. But, I'm rooting for her."

"Listen, it's a tough thing to go film a television show and fall in love. It's a completely different thing to have to watch someone that you loved fall in love with someone else," he said. "It's very vulnerable and my heart breaks for her."

Now, though, Wells said that "Serena and Joe are in a really good place."

Likewise, Wells said he considers Riley and Maurissa to be "the strongest" couple in Paradise, especially after Maurissa passed on Demar to continue pursuing Riley.

"They were going to the Boom Boom Room every opportunity that they could, which good for them," Wells said. "You might as well. Free vacation. Knock some boots and have some fun."

After Demi's departure, Wells put Mari and Kenny in the strong couple group, too.

"I'm glad to see that Mari and Kenny are kind of getting there," Wells said. "Imagine what their love story would have been if Demi didn't come in there and kind of throw a wedge between them two."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

In Wells' opinion, though, the best relationship to come out of Paradise isn't one of the beach's three mainstays, but rather a bromance between two pals.

"I love the relationship between James and Aaron," he told ET. "I think that that's maybe the most beautiful relationship to come out of Paradise."

While James and Aaron's friendship is fun to watch, James is still hoping for a romantic connection with Tia, though she's torn between him and Blake.

"I love James... I also like Tatty Daddy mainly because I like saying the words Tatty Daddy on TV," he said of the nickname given to Blake by Tia. "Tia just needs to listen to her heart, and apparently her vagina, and then everything will be answered."

Also left to figure things out is Natasha, who went through some massive drama this season with Brendan and Pieper. After the couple, who admitted to meeting and hanging out pre-Paradise, left the beach, Wells awarded Natasha a rose for another shot at love.

"Natasha got dealt a bad hand. She kind of threw all her eggs in one basket and she kind of got played. She didn't kind of get played, she got played. That didn't sit right with me," Wells said. "She's been someone this entire season that's been open, and honest, and vulnerable, and I decided that we needed to keep her around."

"Me and a bunch of other people were like, 'Listen, if she gets kicked out, that's not right. She's not the person that should be going home.' So, we saved her. I think that that's the right thing to do," he added. "In seasons going forward, I hope that I still have that kind of power to keep people that are there for the right reasons."

Natasha used that second chance to go on two dates, first with Dr. Joe, and second with Ed. Though Wells wasn't sure that either man was Natasha's perfect match, he said that he hoped she enjoyed the extra time on the beach.

"At this point, I just want her to have a good experience because I think it's been kind of a bad one," he said. "That's not what this place is supposed to be about. It's supposed to be a fun adult camp singles retreat. Whoever can bring her joy and happiness, I'm all for it."

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Fans will get to see all that and more unfold in the season's final two episodes, for which Wells will serve as host.

"I get to host the end of it, which is kind of fun," Wells said. "Some funny things are on the way. Some really beautiful love stories are going to transpire at the end. I think you guys are all going to be happy with this season."

As for if it's a job he'd like to take on permanently, Wells told ET he would "absolutely" accept the hosting gig if offered.

"That's the greatest job in the history of jobs. You say three lines, and get to travel around the world, and wear cool suits," he said. "So yeah, if ABC wants me to host the show, then let's go. I can also bartend, and I can also be the therapist. What do you guys need me to do? Please and thank you. I would like that job."

The three hour-long penultimate episode of Bachelor in Paradise will air Tuesday, Sept. 28, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.



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