Wendy Williams Cancels This Week’s Shows After Feeling ‘Flu-Ish’

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The daytime talk show host said she has never missed a show before and had to be talked out of coming to work this week.

For the first time since her show started in 2008, Wendy Williams is taking the week off after coming down with something that has her feeling "flu-ish."

"It's not the flu yet, but I feel flu-ish," Williams said in a video she posted on Instagram on Wednesday. "It's not a five on a scale of one to five; it's not even a four. I do go to the doctors today to find out exactly what it is."

Sipping some OJ and sporting a robe and a dazzlingly bejeweled turban, Williams said that she had to be talked out of coming to work on The Wendy Williams Show this week. And that isn't something she's accustomed to.

"You know, I have not taken off since we started the show," she said. "And on radio, taking off was never my thing. I took the proper vacation time... But take off sick? What? No. Never. Never."

Williams' professed toughness isn't exaggerated.

Last Halloween, she collapsed while taping her show in front of a live audience. Did that stop the show?

Nope. After an unusually long commercial break, she returned -- still in costume, of course -- to finish out the episode.

"That was not a stunt," Williams said at the time, smiling. "I overheated in my costume and I did pass out. But you know what? I'm a champ and I'm back."

Williams said she was planning to go to the doctor on Wednesday to find out what was ailing her. Something tells us she won't be down for long.

Watch Williams emotionally recount her Halloween scare in the video below.