Wendy Williams' Staff 'Extremely Concerned' About Her Alleged Marital Troubles, Source Says

A production source tells ET the talk show host's team is 'worried she is going to completely lose it.'

The staff at The Wendy Williams Show is concerned about their leading lady.

Wendy Williams claimed that she fainted on live TV this week due to overheating in her Statue of Liberty costume, alluding to the fact that she's 53 years old and going through menopause. But a production source tells ET that the people on her team are worried about her, saying that she's under a lot of stress.

The production source believes Williams is in denial about her husband, Kevin Hunter's, alleged years-long affair with a massage therapist. Williams addressed reports that he was cheating on her and engaged to another woman during her talk show in September, saying, "You can believe what you want, but I stand by my guy."

"All is well in Hunterville," she added. "Don't believe the hype, and if there was hype, believe me you -- I would let you know."

The source tells ET that staff on Williams' show, however, claim they have long known about trouble in her marriage.

"People are extremely concerned about it and worried she is going to completely lose it because this is so catastrophic for her," the source said. "Staff on the show are particularly concerned about the stress of it on her. To say she’s not handling the stress well is an understatement."