'When Calls the Heart': Kevin McGarry Explains Why Elizabeth and Nathan Are 'Endgame' (Exclusive)

'When Calls the Heart' season 11 kicks off April 7 on Hallmark Channel.

For When Calls the Heart star Kevin McGarry, the show's real love story will finally unfold in the forthcoming 11th season.

ET's Deidre Behar spoke to the cast on set in Vancouver, British Columbia, and sat down with McGarry -- who stars as Nathan Grant, a Canadian Mountie with feelings for Elizabeth Thornton, played by Erin Krakow.

"I have always liked Nathan and Elizabeth as a couple," McGarry shared. "I think Nathan was created for Elizabeth."

Season 10 of When Calls the Heart ended in a surprising turn of events when Elizabeth broke off her engagement to Lucas (Chris McNally) amid her developing feelings for Nathan. 

"I really feel like [Nathan] not finding a place, him not finding a partner, was deliberate. He was meant to kind of just wonder, while she was kind of moving forward with Lucas," McGarry said. "I think it was always meant to be this and that they were meant to be endgame. And I really like how it's been done."

Nathan came to Hope Valley after the death of Elizabeth's husband, fellow Mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing). Nathan developed feelings for Elizabeth, which he expressed in season 8 -- although the feelings were, at the time, unrequited.

Now, however, it seems fans will be getting a lot more of Elizabeth and Nathan's growing romance, and the chemistry between McGarry and Krakow goes a long way toward selling that relationship.

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In fact, Krakow -- who also serves as an executive producer on the show -- unexpectedly dropped in on McGarry's chat with ET, and the pair reflected on working together to develop this new storyline.

"I think it's really nice. It's always wonderful working with Kevin and really lovely to get to tell this story and kind of give that back to all of the Kevin fans -- and the Nathan fans," Krakow said.

McGarry and Krakow explained how, in the forthcoming season, Elizabeth will be going through something of a transformation -- or a "rebirth" as Krakow put it.

"She's coming out of her cocoon," Krakow added.

Fans will also get to see a slightly different Nathan as well -- or, as McGarry explained, "Nathan's been working out in his garage."

Krakow went on to tease a possible shirtless scene, hinting that fans will see "more of Nathan in season 11 than you ever have before."

While many Hearties are looking forward to seeing how Nathan and Elizabeth develop their relationship, some were upset to see her romance with Lucas come to an end. And McGarry just wants fans to know that he understand that disappointment, but thinks that they will like what is in store.

"My message is that I am sorry if anybody is hurt from the way that the story is being told. That's not anybody's intention. The long term [goal] is always to tell a great story. Tell a long story. And, you know, this was the decision -- and I really hope that you stay with us," McGarry said. "Every character is inherently good on the show and just because somebody is not with somebody else, it doesn't mean that they're not an important character on the show.

"Lucas is a very big part of Hope Valley and I don't think we'd have to show without without [him]," McGarry added. "[There are] multiple heartbeats on this show, you know? So, I'm sorry if anybody is hurt, but I really think the show is moving to a really beautiful place and I hope you stick around and watch it."

When Calls the Heart season 11 kicks off April 7 on Hallmark Channel.