'When Calls the Heart' Star Paul Greene Opens Up About Expecting Baby No. 2 (Exclusive)

Paul Green and Fiancee Kate Austin
Laurent Levy

'When Calls the Heart' actor Paul Greene opens up to ET about expecting a baby with his fiancée, Kate Austin.

The When Calls the Heart family is getting bigger off-screen!

Paul Greene, whom many know as Dr. Carson Shepherd on the beloved Hallmark Channel series, revealed late last month that he and his fiancée, wellness coach Kate Austin, are expecting their first child together. We can safely assume that the entire cast is already celebrating the wonderful news, including Greene’s on-screen counterpart Andrea Brooks, who tells ET, “I’m so thrilled for Paul and Kate! I want to extend my warmest congratulations to the entire Greene/Austin family during this exciting new chapter. I’m sure the new addition will be singing up a storm in no time!”

Now, the 47-year-old Canadian actor is opening up exclusively to ET about the exciting chapter ahead as he and Kate prepare to expand their family. From Kate’s pregnancy cravings to revealing the baby’s gender, and even a wedding planning update, Greene is dishing on all things parenthood and preparation. 

Laurent Levy

ET: Congratulations on expecting your second child! How is your fiancée, Kate, feeling? What is she craving?
Paul Greene:
Kate is feeling amazing! Like, super soft skin… oh, you mean, how is she “feeling,” like her preggers journey! She hasn’t had any morning sickness and has had a really good pregnancy. She is a warrior. I have to force her to let me help with things. You know, Aussies just get ‘er done.  She has a few aversions, like cooked fish, and the smell of cooked food. She is craving raw veggies dipped in Bitchin’ sauce and has lived on fruit the whole pregnancy.  

ET: Do you know the gender of the baby?
Yes, we are having a boy. He’s due Thanksgiving Day, 2021.

ET: How does your son, 18-year-old Oliver, feel about becoming a big brother?
Oli is very excited. He has two other siblings with his mom and stepdad, so he’s got some good practice. He is amazing with young kids. We are hoping he will be around for a good part of it. 

Laurent Levy

ET: What are you most excited about? What are you most excited to teach or instill in your child?
I am most excited about seeing his little face and watching how freaking amazing Kate will be as a mom. I mean, she’s an epic cat mom, so it’s a given, right? She has been such an incredible contribution and stepmom to Oli, so I am stoked to see her with our own son together.  I am excited to learn from him, more than teach or instill. The little ones have all the wisdom. Ok, maybe some music and sports, kindness, some of Kate's Aussie toughness and humor. 

Laurent Levy

ET: What are you most nervous about?
Honestly, filming schedules and needing to be away to make movies and shows. That makes me a tad nervous, but [my family] will come with me soon enough. Also, I have been sleeping eight hours a night pretty solidly for 17 years, so that may change a little, but we are ready for it. 

ET: Have your When Calls the Heart castmates congratulated you? 
Oh yeah! Big support from almost all the cast. They are a big support, always. 

ET: What is the status of your nuptials with Kate? Are you planning a wedding? If so, when and how will you celebrate?
We have been held up because all of Kate's friends and family in Australia aren’t even allowed to leave the country [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. Last we heard, they will open again sometime in 2022, but who knows, so until they can come, we are on hold. Hopefully next year. Kate is an amazing event organizer, so she’s confident she can make it happen fast when the time is right for our family.