Where Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron's Relationship Stands Amid Romance Rumors: Source

Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron
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Cameron opened up about his relationship with the 'Laguna Beach' alum in a new interview.

When it comes to Kristin Cavallari and Tyler Cameron, it's been an ongoing case of will they or won't they? While the pair have definitely packed on the PDA for Cavallari's Uncommon James campaigns and even exchanged some flirty banter on E!'s Daily Pop back in Feb. 2022, a source tells ET that the things between the pair are "friendly" -- for now anyway.

"While Kristin and Tyler are friendly, Kristin is currently single," the source shared.

The update on Cavallari's relationship status with The Bachelorette star comes after Cameron gushed over the Laguna Beach alum in a new interview with E! News

"She's so smart and so savvy in this industry," Cameron said of the Uncommon James founder. "Just to listen to her speak and talk about building a brand and surviving in this world and also protecting your mental space, she's amazing." 

Cavallari, 36, set the record straight about her relationship with Cameron back in April, telling ET, "Tyler is the sweetest human being on the planet, such a great guy, I was so impressed with him," she said of working with him for the jewelry brand's fall campaign. "I hired him to play my love interest in our fall campaign video. There is nothing going on. Great guy, [but] we are not dating, I promise."

She also had nothing but praise for the reality TV personality, adding, "I can't say enough good stuff about him. There is no ego whatsoever. He is just very chill, up for anything."

While it may not be in the cards for Cavallari and Cameron, the 30-year-old model is still on the look for love, despite the challenges he's faced while dating in the public eye.

"It's definitely harder, because I think any person I've been seen next to, whether I'm actually into them or dating or they're just a friend, is immediately subjected to, 'Oh Tyler was dating that person,'" he shared "My dad was making fun of me the other day. He's like, 'I saw an article pop up and it was like all of your girlfriends that you've had in the past. Half of them weren't even your actual girlfriend.'"

For more on the pair, check out the video below.