Kristin Cavallari Apologizes to Stephen Colletti for Cheating on Him, and For Her Brother Hitting Him

The 'Back to the Beach' podcast hosts took an unpleasant trip down memory lane while discussing their time on 'Laguna Beach.'

Kristin Cavallari is coming clean about her difficult dating past with her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Colletti. The exes and Laguna Beach co-stars have been reliving their time in high school on their Back to the Beach podcast, and in this week's episode, Stephen calls out Kristin for cheating on him while they were in their on-off teenage romance. 

In one episode from season 2 of the show, Kristin tells her friend that she knows what a cheating partner looks like because she cheated on Stephen, but during the podcast recap, Kristin says she doesn't remember cheating on Stephen. 

"I don't remember cheating on you. I know that we had talked about maybe I did with Talan [Torriero]. I don't remember me actually cheating on you, but I will give that to you, because clearly I'm making it seem like I did," Kristin tells Stephen.  "Other than Talan, I don't think I actually cheated on you with anybody else." 

"Wait, you cheated on me with Talan?" Stephen asks her of their co-star. 

"Well, I don't think that I did, but you do. And I'm assuming you remember it more accurately," Kristin says laughing. 

But Stephen notes that there were "a couple of instances" he remembers, adding, "And those guys' names were not Talan."

The former pair redact the names of the men in question, but note that one worked at the Salt Creek Grille at the same time as Kristin.  

"I kissed [redacted] from Salt Creek Grille, I'll give you that," Kristin admits. 

Stephen then remembers a time that they went to a Los Angeles Lakers game and he got "really drunk" and passed out in his car. 

"I woke up and I was in a car. We were outside of [redacted's] house," he recalls. "I walked down into the party and you guys were hooking up. We got into a big fight."

"I was a horrible human being!" Kristin declares. 

Stephen adds that Kristin kept trying to hug him and he told her to get away from him. He says that she was also "obviously drunk" and fell over in her platform shoes. 

"Your brother was right there, and he was like, 'Did you just f**king hit Kristin?' He thought I hit you, which never happened," Stephen says. 

"Never," Kristin agrees. 

"He clocks me in the face, doesn't break my nose, but my nose is now bleeding," Stephen says of Kristin's brother. 

Stephen then remembers leaving the party unsure of how he went from walking in on his girlfriend cheating on him to ending up getting punched in the face. 

"Stephen, I'm a horrible person. I am so sorry," Kristin says. "I'm appalled of the stuff that I did, honestly."

At the end of the episode, the mother of three apologizes to her ex again for her behavior. 

"It actually is painful for me to hear. It's painful for me to watch and I really do apologize," she says. "You were always such a really good guy. You still are. But the fact that I took advantage of that is heartbreaking. So I am sorry."

Despite the apologies, Kristin does question Stephen's timeline, noting that some of her shenanigans took place after Stephen and their co-star, Lauren Conrad, had been hooking up. 

"You and Lauren started dating at the beginning of that year, so this would have been after all of that. So you can't sit here and blame me for everything!" Kristin declares. 

Lauren reunited with Kristin and Stephen in the season 1 finale of the podcast last year. At the time both Lauren and Kristin apologized to one another for the things they said about each other on the MTV reality series. 

Watch the clip below for more.


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