Whoopi Goldberg Reveals She's Not Allowed to Drive Because Her 'Sight Is Not Good Enough'

Whoopi Goldberg
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

The talk show host said 'people get nervous' when she gets behind the wheel.

Whoopi Goldberg is no longer driving.

Speaking with Kumail Nanjiani on Monday's The View, the 63-year-old talk show host revealed that she's not allowed to drive due to poor eyesight.

"I have a driver," revealed Goldberg, who suffered from pneumonia and sepsis earlier this year. "The reason I have a driver is because I am not allowed to drive."

"My sight is not good enough, people get nervous when I get behind the wheel," she further explained. "So, I am not allowed to really drive."

The announcement comes three months after Goldberg revealed she was back in the hospital for a 24-hour bug. She had to take some time off from The View in February to deal with her pneumonia health scare, which she says left her coming "very, very close to leaving the earth" in a video message.

"I am here, I am up and moving around, not as fast as I'd like to be, but I am OK," she assured viewers at the time. "So here is what happened. I had pneumonia, and I was septic. Pneumonia in both lungs which meant there was fluid and all kinds of stuff going on and yes I came very, very close to leaving the earth. Good news? I didn't."

"Thank you for all of your good wishes," she continued. "All of the wonderful things that people have been saying, even people who have not been huge fans of mine have actually said nice things about me. We all know that's gonna change when I get back, but for right now it's brilliant and thank you for everything."

Earlier this month, Goldberg spoke with The New York Times about what it's been like holding a job with The View since 2007.

"It's my job," she said. "I get [fulfillment] from the fact that I’m doing anything."

"What you’re asking is, 'Is The View enough?' It’s not," she continued. "Ten years is a long time, and now I'm starting to do other stuff. I'm doing books. I'm adventuring into THC products. I'm creating the clothes."

Goldberg added that, in a way, she's just "playing a role" on the show.

"These are not conversations that I'm having with my friends. If they were, we'd be doing it differently," she admitted. "My friends and I can talk about things in depth in a different way than you can on television."

Hear more in the video below.