Why Connie Britton Doesn't See a 'Friday Night Lights' Reboot Happening (Exclusive)

The show will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its premiere in October.

Connie Britton won't be playing Tami Taylor again. During Entertainment Tonight's Bahamas Week at Baha Mar resort, the 54-year-old actress explained to Kevin Frazier why she doesn't see a Friday Night Lights reboot happening.

Britton starred on the series, which premiered after the 2004 movie of the same name, as Tami Taylor, the wife to high school football coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler). The show, which aired from 2006 to 2011, will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its premiere in October.

"We'll do a reunion for sure, like a cast reunion, [but] I don't see them going back into that story, at least with this cast," she said of the series, which also starred Michael B. JordanTaylor Kitsch, Minka Kelly, Jesse Plemons, and Scott Porter.

"I heard inklings a few years ago that they were gonna make another Friday Night Lights," Britton continued. "Now meanwhile, we know we've already had a movie, we already had this TV show, and then if they were to do it again with like a whole different iteration of it, I don't know. I would think that would be sort of odd."

While Britton admitted that it'd "be nice to see where Coach and Tammy are 15 years down the line," she reiterated that she doesn't see "us going back into those stories and those particular characters' lives."

She was quick to reassure fans, though, that "it worked out" between Coach and Tami. "Listen," she said, "that bond is tight. Airtight."

With Friday Night Lights in the rearview, Britton is focused on promoting her latest project, Joe Bell. The film, which is based on a true story, stars Britton and Mark Wahlberg as parents whose son died by suicide after he was bullied for being gay. In honor of his son, Wahlberg's eponymous character set out to walk cross-country, but was killed by a semi-truck during his journey.

"It's because of Mark that the movie got made. He brought such passion to it. I think this felt like a very personal choice for him to do this movie. His passion... was infectious. I felt that in every scene that we played together, which made it a joy for me and to be able to have that relationship with him," Britton said. "He was so generous as an actor, but also as a producer. We all wanted to dig in. We all wanted to know this family. It really brought those scenes to life in a great way."

"This is a movie about redemption," she added. "This is a movie where we get to watch in real time parents learn to understand their own son. There are parents all over the country who are in this exact same position and need to know that it's OK to love their LGBTQ child."

Joe Bell will hit theaters July 23.