Why Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Agreed to Co-Present at the 2018 SAG Awards (Exclusive)

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Goldie Hawnand Kate Hudson are a female force! 

The mother-daughter duo opened up about this "seminal moment" in history and why they agreed to join forces as co-presenters at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday

"It's the first time we've done that," Hudson told ET's Keltie Knight on the red carpet. 

"We've been asked a lot of times to do things together and when they said, 'It's gonna be all female presenters,' mom and I just said, 'Absolutely. It makes absolute sense that we would do this together.' So, it's an honor." 

Hawn couldn't help gushing about the current movement of powerful females in Hollywood. 

"It's actually a seminal moment, historically, and I think that what we wish is that it continues to grow and people continue to have more integrity, and to have an ability to be conscientious, and we raise a little bit of consciousness," she said. "I don't want this to be a one-off. This is a real time in history, and remember, I was there when we were at the big women's lib moment! There was a lot of hoopla, a lot of people writing about it, but at this point in time, we're talking about ethics, we're talking about integrity, we're talking about many other things than just harassment."

"It's a lot of areas in terms of equal pay and equanimity," she continued. "I think if we just move along these ways, we're gonna make a difference." 

Hudson also opened up about how she stays in top shape both mentally and physically.

"I always feel the strongest when I'm doing pilates," she said. "When I'm not working at it, I can feel it both mentally and physically." 

Hudson also coyly addressed her new relationship with Danny Fujikawa, saying with a sweet smile: "Of course I'm happy!" 

For more on SAGs decision to enlist all female presenters for the 2018 ceremony, watch below. 


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