Why John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh Delayed Expanding Their Family (Exclusive)

The couple is getting creative in many ways!

Caitlin McHugh Stamos and her hubby, John Stamos, are getting creative in more ways than one!

Not only is the couple busy collaborating on new designs for their Saint Amos charity jewelry line with My Saint My Hero -- which donates all proceeds to Childhelp -- they’re also working on expanding their growing family. Combining both passions, John and Caitlin recently launched a new collection that includes bracelets for kids, as well as aspiring or expectant moms. 

“This new line is called A Mother's Love, and we have fertility bracelets for any of your friends who are trying to get pregnant,” Caitlin, 33, told ET exclusively last week.

“Each one comes with a card that talks about a little blessing, like a little a prayer for young ones or trying to have a young one,” she explained. “[The bracelet is] genuine moonstone, and moonstone is known to help with fertility. There’s something about it that's supposed to help, and as a woman also trying to get pregnant again, I am wearing it all the time.”

Caitlin has also been rocking the blue Swarovski crystal bracelet from their collection as a sweet tribute to the couple’s son, Billy, whom they welcomed in April 2018. Caitlin told ET last year they wanted another child “ASAP” after experiencing the immeasurable joy Billy brought to their lives; however, she says there was one factor that delayed their wish to expand the Stamos squad.

“I decided, let's wait until we move -- which we recently did,” Caitlin explained of their recent relocation from Los Angeles to the suburbs outside the city. “We were living in John's bachelor pad, basically, that he's been in for 13 years and it's a beautiful house…[but] it wasn’t conducive to raising a family.”

“We’re all about community now, we moved into Hidden Hills… We're settling in the house in the new area and now feels like the time to really try [to have another child]," she continued. "We're not [pregnant] yet, but we are trying. We’ll see, hopefully in the new year we'll be able to add to our family.”

As for how many kids the couple wants, Caitlin says, “I’d be happy with one more. My arms can only grab so many children at once. I might get a little stressed out with more than two. I don't know, we'll see!”

For now, Billy is the apple of John and Caitlin’s eye. She gushed, “We cherish every single moment. It's true what everyone says that it goes so fast, right? And now he's running around and he’s putting words together. He's hilarious and he’s very affectionate, he loves giving hugs and kisses to everyone.” 

Caitlin isn’t kidding -- in fact, she even adorably revealed that her 18-month-old son has already had his first kiss! “He's in this music class and he loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. And there's this one girl, he came up, gave her a hug, came out a little bit and grabbed her face and planted a huge kiss on her lips!” she recalled, laughing. “Part of me was like, ‘Do I stop it? Do I let this go? Do we have to teach about consent already!?’ He's kind of young for this, but it was really adorable. He's just a lover, and I'm grateful.”

The 48 Hours to Live actress tells ET she’s equally grateful for her hubby of a year and a half. “We're really good about making time for us, and alone time,” she said. “I think we've got a good balance going right now.” Caitlin also says that watching John step into his role as a father has been a joy to watch. “Every once in a while he'll say, 'Can you believe this is our kid? I can't believe we have a kid!' But he's really stepped up just as you expected him to. He's just such a fantastic father and really relishes in every moment like I do. We're just so blessed to be able to share all our love with our little son.”