Why Jon Hamm Hopes There Isn't a 'Mad Men' Reboot Ever (Exclusive)

Jon Hamm
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Jon Hamm isn't interested in any Mad Men revival or reboot talks.

The actor, who played advertising executive Don Draper for seven seasons from 2007 to 2015, maintained his hard stance against revisiting that world in the near and distant future. It just so happened that news had broken earlier in the day that True Blood reboot was in the works, merely six years after the vampire drama wrapped on HBO.

"It's so funny, I just saw that they're rebooting True Blood. I was like, 'Wow, didn't that end after our show?'" Hamm said when ET's Nischelle Turner asked about the possibility he'd re-enter the Mad Men universe. (True Blood ended one year earlier than Mad Men.)

The 49-year-old actor, who was promoting his new movie, Wild Mountain Thyme, doubled down on his earlier point. "I'm of the belief that when a story's told, it's probably done being told. So I don't know, maybe there's another version of it out there somewhere, but I hope not," he said.

Hamm was doing press with Wild Mountain Thyme writer-director John Patrick Shanley, and he said he'd watch Shanley's hypothetical take on Mad Men. "I would watch Shanley's version of Mad Men, that would be a very different experience for sure," he quipped.

"Mix it with True Blood," Shanley joked.

"There you go, done," Hamm said. "Vampires on Madison Avenue."

In Wild Mountain Thyme, based on Shanley's play, Outside Mullingar, Hamm stars opposite Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan as Adam Kelly. The story revolves around an Irish family whose patriarch threatens to give their farm over to an American nephew, as opposed to his own son, creating conflict within the family. In the film, Adam warns a character to not let romantic thoughts ruin her mind. Hamm spoke about whether he was a real-life romantic versus a practical thinker when it comes to relationships.

"I would say I'm more of the former than the latter. There's a reason why I gravitate towards stories like this and especially stories that Mr. Shanley has written over the course of his career," Hamm said. "I think that there's a magic and there's almost a fable-like quality to this story and it's set almost out of time. It could be the '20s or the '50s or the 2020s. There's something beautiful about that and that's the message the movie tries to impart. When you lean into these magical things that can happen, then sometimes you get rewarded and that's certainly what happens -- not only to Emily and Jamie's characters -- but to my character as well. Everybody gets some happiness in this story, which is in short supply here as we round up 2020."

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