Why Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez Are Keeping Their Relationship So Private

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Josh Duhamel is “head over heels” for new girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez, but the actor is keeping the romance hush-hush out of respect for his ex-wife, Fergie, a source tells ET.

"Josh is head over heels for Eiza, but he felt guilty that he had feelings for another woman so quickly and he wants to be respectful to Fergie so he has kept this relationship very, very private," the insider says.

Duhamel announced his split from the singer in September, following eight years of marriage. The pair share a 4-year-old son, Axl.

The source emphasizes that Duhamel was not dating the 28-year-old actress before he and Fergie announced their breakup.

“This couple has worked to separate amicably and so far it seems to be working," the source says. "Josh is ready to move on and he seems very smitten with Eiza.”

Since the split, Duhamel and Fergie have remained super supportive of each other as they co-parent Axl together.

“Josh is a very good man and wants to be respectful to the mother of his son,” the source adds. “He wants to make sure Fergie knows he supports her life and her future. He is being so loving and respectful to Fergie and making sure she knows he is there for her.”

As for why the pair couldn’t overcome their differences and mend their marriage, the insider blames the different lifestyles the two wanted.

“Fergie loves her career and the fast-paced life of Hollywood and being in the public eye,” the source says. “Josh is a little more low-key and wanted more of a home and family life.”

“Despite growing apart in their marriage, they have remained very close as friends,” the insider adds. “Fergie knew that Josh was ready to move on … toward the end of their marriage, they were leading such busy and separate lives that very few of their friends even realized they were no longer in love.”

Duhamel recently talked to ET about co-parenting his little boy and the joy he gets from teaching him to play tee-ball.

“We have full-on practices at the house," the Love, Simon star shared. “I'm putting little pieces of candy at each base. If he hits it past me, he runs to first base. He has no idea [he's training], he just wants the candy. But he's learning how to hit -- I'm making him hit from both sides of the plate."

"This is why I wanted to be a dad,” Duhamel continued, "to be able to have moments like this with him."

ET has reached out to Duhamel and Gonzalez’s reps for comment.

See more on Duhamel and Fergie below.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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