Why Sam Hunt's Wife Withdrew Her Divorce Filing and Then Refiled Within Days

At first it seemed Hannah Lee Fowler had a change of heart. But that was not the case.

Sam Hunt's wife didn't have a change of heart when she withdrew her divorce filing. Her lawyers were merely fixing an error.

Hannah Lee Fowler has refiled her divorce petition in Tennessee, but this time did so in Williamson County. The initial docs were erroneously filed in Davidson County, which is why just two and a half hours after Fowler filed for divorce, a notice of voluntary nonsuit was filed.

Per the state of Tennessee, a nonsuit allows the plaintiff to "have the right to take a voluntary nonsuit to dismiss an action without prejudice by filing a written notice of dismissal at any time before the trial of a cause." Fowler did exactly that with the filing of a notice of voluntary nonsuit, before refiling the divorce docs in the correct jurisdiction, which is Williamson County.

In any event, Fowler's reasons for filing for divorce remain the same -- she cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason to terminate the marriage, and she accuses the country star of "inappropriate marital conduct" after claiming he is "guilty of adultery." Fowler also revealed she's pregnant and is due in May. The pregnancy news had not been previously disclosed.

Fowler lists the date of separation as Feb. 18, the same day she initially filed for divorce. She also stated that all hope for a reconciliation has been exhausted. Fowler's asking for alimony and a parenting plan for their first child. 

The 33-year-old nurse and the 37-year-old "Make You Miss Me" singer, who has not been seen wearing his wedding ring this year, have had their ups and downs and have been on-and-off since at least 2008.