Why 'Vanderpump Rules' Alum Billie Lee Won't Choose Between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix (Exclusive)

The former 'Vanderpump Rules' star will be there for both Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix.

Vanderpump Rules alum Billie Lee isn’t picking sides when it comes to Scandoval, ET has learned. 

The 39-year-old reality star and Tom Sandoval were spotted together several times over the weekend, amid his breakup from Ariana Madix following his cheating scandal with Raquel Leviss. Lee was even photographed Monday morning leaving his home in the same clothes she wore the night before. Sandoval and Lee were also spotted together on Saturday at an event on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. 

Lee tells ET, "Tom and Ariana are my family. They have been there for me over the years and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. It saddens me that people are so fixated on picking a side. Both are human and are both hurting in their own ways."

She continues, "There is a world where you can support and be there for both parties and that’s the world I choose to live in. There is also no reason for this to continue to be so divisive. Ariana is happy and Tom is really working hard on himself. I’ll continue to love and support them unconditionally."


Lee caught heat from her former VPR co-star, Kristen Doute, for hanging out with Sandoval. Doute commented on an Instagram post Sunday about Lee, writing, "As she cried at Ariana’s house days after Ari found out… smh."

Lee quickly fired off in the comments section of the post, writing, "Ya I was crying because they BOTH are my family! It was sad and still is! What were you doing while I was crying!?" she asked, before claiming she was "[literally] taking selfies with everyone including Ariana. Like who does that!?"

She continued, "It felt like a funeral and you were taking selfies. Read the room. [Your] friendship is fake and performative."

It seems that Madix might not be too happy with Sandoval and Lee hanging out, because she has now unfollowed Lee on Instagram. 

But that didn't get in the way of her good time! Madix was spotted at Coachella this weekend hanging out with social media influencer Farai Bennett, who posted a short TikTok video showing the reality TV star in great spirits. In the video, Bennett says, "Guys, I'm with Ariana. How are you feeling, girlie?"

"Amazing! Yes," said Madix in response to also being asked if she's thriving. The social media influencer later added, "What doesn't kill her, then better run," to which Madix responded with, "F**k yeah."

Also during Coachella, Madix was seen kissing and cozying up to fitness trainer Daniel Wai.

Meanwhile, Leviss checked herself into a mental health treatment facility on Friday. Her rep told ET, "Raquel and her family decided before the relationship was discovered that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling."

As for Lee, she has a pretty strong connection to Madix. In 2018, Lee dated Madix's brother, Jeremy, and spoke to The Daily Dish podcast about their relationship. 

"I really enjoy Jeremy and he's so cute and he's so kind. But, you know, I recently came from a serious thing where I just was really in love with a guy for like three years and he broke my heart. So I didn't want to jump into another relationship until I healed from that and also just, like, continuing this journey to love myself," said Lee. 

"And so we just have a great time together and, you know, we went on a few dates and now we just, like, kick it and, you know, Netflix and chill. Isn't that what they call it these days?"

Lee left Vanderpump Rules in 2019.