Will 'Outlander' Include 'Drums of Autumn' Riverbank Sex Scene in Season 4? Stars Tease the Truth! (Exclusive)

Warning: Steamy 'Outlander' news ahead!

Outlander is known for its captivating storytelling, brilliant acting and awe-inspiring sets and wardrobe -- but let's be real... it also has some of the steamiest sex scenes in TV history!

With season four of Outlander still months away, we know that the Droughtlander thirst is almost unbearable at this point, so ET is bringing you exclusive answers from the series' cast and creators about one of the most talked-about scenes from author Diana Gabaldon's next book.

Based on Drums of Autumn -- the fourth installment of Gabaldon's Outlander novel series -- season four of the hit Starz drama will follow the recently shipwrecked Jamie and Claire Fraser as they navigate a new life together in the American colonies.

Fans who have already read the Outlander novels are eagerly looking forward to watching several poignant moments from Drums of Autumn play out onscreen -- including a particularly heart-pounding sex scene between Jamie and Claire along a hot and humid riverbank.

We recently caught with the Outlander cast and creators at an event for the Television Academy in Los Angeles, and we asked actor Sam Heughan to give us the inside scoop about whether the riverbank scene will make the transition from page to screen in season four.

After playfully teasing that Jamie and Claire may "go for a swim" or "wash their clothing" and "underwear" in a river, Heughan finally answered -- but with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "No, we've not shot anything by a river, at all," he said.

"There may be stuff there, but it's -- I was going to say wet," Heughan joked before continuing on. "There's water involved, but it might not be a river, who knows?"

Meanwhile, when we asked Caitriona Balfe if she could spill anything about what it was like to film the potential scene, the brunette beauty was hilariously coy with her response.

"No, is the simple answer," Balfe replied with a laugh.


Outlander executive producer Maril Davis provided us with a bit more context as to why this steamy, and sultry, scene may be missing from the upcoming season.

"We always kind of try to include things, but in a different way," Davis said, referring to the source material of Gabaldon's books.

Although this next chapter in Jamie and Claire's journey takes place in the hot and sticky humidity of North Carolina, Outlander's fourth season, which is currently still in production, has primarily been filmed during the cold winter months of Scotland.

"I mean, the challenge of this season, for us anyway, is that unfortunately, as people know, we're not filming in America," she continued. "We're not filming in the steamy South, so things do have to change slightly. Whereas obviously in North Carolina, it can be quite warm and humid and that is not something that you experience in Scotland, so we do kind of have to adjust things to where we are [filming.]"

To which Outlander executive producer and creator Ronald D. Moore added, "You don’t want to be hanging out in the rivers in Scotland. Trust me."

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