Will Smith Debuts New 'Aladdin' Footage at 2019 Kids' Choice Awards

Will Smith in Aladdin trailer
Walt Disney Studios

... and fans were pleasantly surprised.

New Aladdin footage is here! 

Star Will Smith unveiled a brand new look at the upcoming Disney film at the 2019 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, where he appeared with co-stars Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott. 

"This is the story of Aladdin, the princess and the lamp," a bold voice says in the trailer, showing Aladdin (Massoud) approaching the lamp. Genie (Smith) then emerges, bursting into a couple lines of "Friend Like Me." 

"Is this magic, or are you magic?" Aladdin asks. 

"Kind of a package deal," Genie replies. 

The clip also shows Aladdin and Jasmine (Scott) on their magic carpet ride, with powerful shots of Agrabah interspliced -- and fans were feeling it. 

"That new Aladdin footage is the best Disney has showed off so far. #Aladdin," one user wrote on Twitter. See more reactions below. 

ET's kid correspondent, Devin Trey Campbell, spoke with Massoud ahead of Saturday's Kids' Choice Awards, where he opened up about the mostly-positive reception to Aladdin so far. 

"It's been great. We're thankful for everybody who's supporting so far," he shared, before dishing on the split opinions of Smith's sometimes-blue Genie. "I think I've seen more than most people at different stages, so I think people are going to be psyched about it. It looks amazing."

Aladdin hits theaters on May 24.