Willow Smith Shaves Her Head During Punk Performance of 'Whip My Hair'

The 20-year-old singer gave fans an epic ending to her latest concert.

Willow Smith gave fans an epic ending to her latest concert. The 20-year-old singer shaved her head during a performance of her very first song, "Whip My Hair" on Friday. 

Willow -- who just dropped her new album, lately I feel EVERYTHING -- marked her new chapter with a concert on Watch Together, which is now available on Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook. The hour-long set showcased her new punk rock sound, which she extended to "Whip My Hair." 

"My favorite song in the set right now just because of how it feels to sing would probably have to be 'Whip My Hair,'" Willow said, later adding that she was thinking of shaving her head during the performance. 

"This is gonna be my third time in my life shaving my head. I'm always shaving my head at monumental times in my life when things are really changing and this is definitely one of those moments," she added. 

Willow didn't miss a beat as her head was shaved during the concert, impressing fans as she continued to play guitar during the set. 


As she said, this wasn't the first time Willow shaved her head. She did it for the first time during her 2012 Whip My Hair tour, which shocked her dad Will Smith. 

"We came downstairs and she had shaved her head bald," Will remembered in a 2017 video on JAY-Z's Footnotes of Adnis. "She shaved her head bald in the middle of her Whip My Hair tour. I was like, "Oh, sh*t."

Willow's family now appears to be on board, as Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed her daughter inspired her to shave her own head.

"Willow made me do it because it was time to let go BUT … my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed❣️😜," she wrote on Instagram. 

See more on Willow in the video below.