Wilmer Valderrama Kisses Pregnant Fiancée Amanda Pacheco's Bare Baby Bump in Sweet Birthday Post

Wilmer Valderrama and Amanda Pacheco
Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

The actor and his fiancée are expecting a baby girl.

Wilmer Valderrama's birthday wishes have come true! The That '70s Show alum took to Instagram on Tuesday to celebrate his 41st birthday with some sweet beach photos of himself with his pregnant fiancée, Amanda Pacheco. 

In one shot, Valderrama cradles Pacheco's bare baby bump as she wears a tan bra and blue leggings. In another sweet photo, the excited dad-to-be kisses his fiancée's stomach. 

"Now THIS is 41.. thank you to absolutely everyone who posted and sent me such beautiful messages and wishes.. by the look of these pics.. some of those wishes came true.. I love you all mucho!" Valderrama captioned the images. "Thank you Amanda for my last bday gift before becoming a papa... you." 

Pacheco commented on the post, referencing the photo of Valderrama kissing her baby bump. 

"Con gusto mi amor, I can’t stop staring at the second picture!!😍😍 YOU are MY forever love and YOU will be HER first love 💕" she wrote, referencing their future baby girl. 

Last month the pair had a wild gender reveal party with a man jumping out of a helicopter and hang gliding down as pink smoke trailed behind him. 

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