Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Reveal Their ‘Healthy Crushes’ on Each Other (Exclusive)

The co-stars first met in the late ‘80s.

Co-star crushes!

Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are co-starring in their fourth movie together, Destination Wedding, and while at the film's junket in Beverly Hills on Saturday, the former ‘80s stars told ET’s Lauren Zima that their on-screen chemistry comes from a very real place. 

“I had a pretty big healthy crush on him,” Ryder, 46, said of meeting Reeves in the late ‘80s. “I had a big, healthy crush on you too,” Reeves, 53, replied. 

When asked what happened to those crushes, Ryder teased, “Oh, it’s still raging." Reeves added, “They’re still there.” 

In fact, Ryder quipped that they actually got married when their characters from the 1992 movie Dracula tied the knot. “I’m convinced we really did get married because it was a real Romanian priest and they did a master that he did the whole thing,” she recalled.

As for getting married in real life, neither Reeves nor Ryder have ruled out the idea.

“It would be nice,” Reeves said. “When you come out of this film, you think about things like that. If you don’t think it can be possible or won’t then maybe this one will change that perspective, like, ‘Oh, this can happen. I can connect with someone like this.’” 

Ryder added, “Yeah, me too.” 

Destination Wedding follows two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests, Lindsay (Ryder) and Frank (Reeves), who develop a mutual affection despite themselves. The dramedy hits theaters on Aug. 24. 


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