Witney Carson on Possible Return to 'Dancing With the Stars' and Wanting More Kids (Exclusive)

The former 'Dancing With the Stars' pro spoke to ET about possibly returning to the ABC dance competition series.

Witney Carson is itching to get back on the dance floor. 

As part of Jergens Glow Day, the 30-year-old professional dancer recently sat down with ET's Denny Directo and addressed the possibility of her returning to Dancing With the Stars

"Oh, it always calls my name. I mean, that show lives and breathes in me," she said. 

Carson's first introduction to DWTS was as a troupe dancer in seasons 16 and 17 before she turned pro in season 18. Back in August, Carson announced that she would not be returning to the ABC hit competition series for its 32nd season.

Of her decision to step back and focus on her family, Carson explained, "I've done that show for 10 years now and that was my first season, where I was like, 'OK, I gotta focus on my family this year,' and that was a really, really hard decision because dance is in me."

She continued: "Like I said, it's really hard to give up something that I love so much, but you know, I love my family more. They're my priority and we had just gotten settled and Leo was in a great preschool and I just did not feel like ripping that away."

Carson has been married to her husband, Carson McAllister, since 2016. They have two children together, sons Kevin, 3, and Jet, who turns 1 in May. 

"[It] was worth it and, you know, the show is very mentally and physically draining," Carson said. "There are so many beautiful aspects of it, but it takes a lot and I just had a baby."

"So I was recovering postpartum and a lot of decision-making went into that," she added. "And, of course, I was sitting at home just being like FOMO."

Even though Carson didn't compete in season 32, she still tuned in and voted like any other fan. Carson explained, "I was itching to be like, 'OK, I'm ready.' I want to, so we'll see what happens. I think in a few months we'll start to have the talks and see where we're at and see if we can do something like that."

As for how Carson's husband feels about her returning to DWTS, the dancing pro said, "Carson is very supportive and I think he's probably more on board with me doing it. I think he kind of knows that it would be really good for my career and good for us and good for our health, so I think he really pushes that a little bit."

She added: "So we'll see, but everything we do, we make decisions together and make sure that it's right for both of us."

Now that Carson and McAllister are a family of four, the DWTS star revealed that they're "gonna wait for a minute" to expand their family. The couple both come from big families, so naturally, they initially wanted to "have a tribe of kids," but now that they have two, they realize "how hard" it is. 

"We're just gonna enjoy what we have right now and we'll see," Carson said of growing their family. "We'll take it year by year, but absolutely, I think we want more kids -- at least, try for a girl."

"It'd be adorable. OK, we're putting it out there, yes," Carson added.