'Wizards of Waverly Place' Star Jennifer Stone Recalls Trying to Netflix and Chill With Austin Butler

The Oscar-nominated actor appeared as George in one episode of the hit Disney Channel series.

Another would-be Disney Channel romance? Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone is sharing some details about her encounter with one of the show's famous guest stars, Austin Butler.

The 31-year-old Oscar-nominated actor appeared in a 2010 episode of the show as the character George, the crush of Selena Gomez's character, Alex.

"He was a big movie buff, which was something that we really loved," Stone, 30, who played Alex's best friend, Harper, on the series, shared on the Wizards of Waverly Pod. "I had a friend that worked with him recently and she was like, 'Oh, yeah, he's a huge movie buff.'"

Calling the Elvis star a "sweetheart," Stone then described hanging out with him one night on what she'd hoped at the time would be a date.

"I was like, 'We should go get a movie!' And this was when Blockbuster still existed or maybe it was Netflix when they still sent out DVDs? We're not that old," Stone quipped. "But he came over to the house. We went somewhere to get snacks and stuff."

When Stone's podcast co-host and former co-star, David DeLuise, asked if she did a "Netflix and chill kind of thing" with Butler, Stone replied, "Kind of, but it was not that for him at all. We watched Swimming With Sharks, which was great."

Adam Rose/Disney Channel via Getty Images

She added that while she didn't think that Butler was one of the men in question, she did have a lot of male guest stars who would reach out to her in an effort to get to Gomez, 30.

"I would always have crushes on all of Selena's boyfriends because ever since I was a wee little child, I've liked the mens," she quipped. "But a lot of times what would happen is the guy would talk to me and we'd have a great time and I'd feel like, 'Oh, this is going well,' and at the end of the week, they'd pass me their number to give to Selena."

She continued, "I don't think Austin was one of those people, but a lot of guys did that and it was really s****y. And it took me a lot of years to get my confidence up with dudes, but now I'm doing OK."