Wyatt Russell on Becoming a Father of 2 and How His 3-Year Old Son Is 'Excited' for a Sibling (Exclusive)

Russell spoke with ET at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Night Swim' on Wednesday.

Wyatt Russell and wife Meredith Hagner will soon be welcoming baby no. 2 into their family, and everyone is looking forward to the big adventure.

Russell walked the red carpet at the premiere of his new horror film Night Swim, held at the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and he spoke with ET's Ash Crossan about expanding his adorable family.

"Close! We're close," Russell exclaimed. "We're getting close to the any-day-now phase."

Russell walked the carpet with his ladylove -- who showed off her sizable baby bump in a black dress -- and the pair were all smiles as they posed for photos ahead of the premiere.

Momodu Mansaray/WireImage

According to the expectant dad, the couple's young son, Buddy, is looking forward to having a sibling as well.

"You know, he's 3, so he's as ready as he can be," Russell shared. "I think he understands what's gonna happen. He's a pretty smart little guy."

"I think we're definitely doing our best to prepare him for the fact that, like, there will be another human being living in our home," he added. "But I think he's excited about it."

Before Russell and Hagner welcome baby no. 2, Russell's new film, Night Swim, will be hitting theaters.

The film -- from writer/director Bryce McGuire -- tells the story of the Waller Family, who move into a new home, but soon discover that a malevolent, supernatural force is haunting their pool.

"That's what makes good horror," Russell said, explaining that it can be very effective when you "take something very inane and mundane" and infuse it with unexpected danger.

"Everybody, you know, has been in a swimming pool, for the most part, or seen a swimming pool, and the only thing you can do is hit your head and fall in -- that's the danger," Russell said. "But when there's something lurking underneath, everybody [has had that fear]. I had it as a kid -- where you jump in the pool at night and you're like, 'Did something creep up the drain?' And so you play on that."

"It's a movie I can't believe never got made or didn't get made before in different iterations," he added. "So I'm excited to bring it to life."

Night Swim surfaces in theaters Jan. 5.