You Won't Believe How Pared Down Chrissy Teigen's Makeup Routine Is (Exclusive)

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Presley Ann/Getty Images for Sephora

The model and cookbook author reveals she likes to take a break from a full glammed face when she's not working.

Chrissy Teigen likes to keep it minimal with her makeup. 

The model, cookbook author and resident glow queen of Becca Cosmetics recently launched her third collection with the makeup brand, aptly called the Cravings Collection, and chatted all about beauty at last weekend's SEPHORiA: House of Beauty event with ET's Keltie Knight. 

Presley Ann/Getty Images for Sephora

The star revealed her off-duty makeup is much more pared down from her glamorous red carpet looks. When asked about her routine when not working, she merely said, "Nothing." 

"It's very like taking Luna to preschool. It's my big hat and a nub of a ponytail. I took all the hair out. I just couldn't, like, maintain it anymore."

Simplicity is key, she explained. 

"So really is just simple things. I really love having a lip, having a good glow on my cheeks. I'm all about cheeks just to, like, contour my face and narrow the face down, but it's very simple. My shower is like a quarter of a time of John's. I'm, like, in and out. I shampoo -- I don't let it sit or the conditioner, none of that. I just shave. I don't even press the razor against me anymore, it's just like going, it's so fast. It's very minimal." 

The co-host of Lip Sync Battle is a working mom of two with an incredibly busy schedule and since she's often in the glam chair for hours prepping for appearances and shoots, spending time on makeup during her own time is probably the last thing she wants to do. 

However, she is a fan of a glossy lip on the daily and loves the Glow Gloss in Beach Bum from her last collection to keep in her purse at all times. 

"For me, it was very easy to wear. It doesn't feel too sticky, too gooey. You could apply it without looking in a mirror, I loved that. But I'm a lip gloss person, so if it's not concealer, it's lip gloss." 

"'Cause then you can just slap on a giant pair of sunglasses and no one knows what's happening under there." 

As a star in Hollywood, Teigen's flawless face has encountered the coolest beauty treatments, but what's the craziest? The vampire facial, of course! 

"I think I might have mentioned it on Twitter or something once and people were like, 'That's insane.' It spins your blood into a gel and then you get it squirted into your face again and that's pretty wild I guess, but I don't know if it works honestly, but I won't say it's a bad experience. It's nice. A little painful."

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