Zac Efron Reveals Secret Crush on ‘Summerland’ Co-Star Lori Loughlin (Exclusive)

And Loughlin's still a stunner all these years later!

There may be 23 years between them, but Zac Efron is sharing how sexy he thought Lori Loughlin was back when the two were working on the television series Summerland.

In fact, the 30-year-old hunk went as far as likening his former co-star to a swimsuit model!

The fun revelation came after Efron was shown a clip of Loughlin discussing him during a recent interview with ET's Deidre Behar in February. “He was always cute, but he really morphed into quite the hunk, huh,” Loughlin, 53, said.

“I look up to her so much,” a blushing Efron responded after watching the clip while talking to ET's Keltie Knight on Thursday. “She was like something out of Sports Illustrated every time I saw her. I really love her.”

“So, thank you, Lori. That was very sweet,” he added. ”I'm going to have to send you a message after this.”

Loughin, who is currently starring on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart and Netflix’s Fuller House, isn't the only co-star who has left their mark on Efron. 

During a fun “co-star smell quiz,” the upcoming star of The Beach Bum hilariously described the scent of some of his most well-known co-workers.

While his Baywatch buddy, Dwayne Johnson, smells like, “coconuts and swag,” The Greatest Showman’s Hugh Jackman has a more mystical scent.

“He uses the same fragrance that Gandalf the Gray uses,” Efron said. “It's some magical thing that’s never been put into words. It’s magic.”

As for Efron’s Neighbors and The Disaster Artist co-star, Seth Rogen, there’s no denying the aroma that follows him around.

“Seth smells like weed a lot,” Efron said with a laugh. “He's totally fine with it. We're used to it. It's a great smell [and] you're like, ‘Ah, Seth’s here.’”

It’s only natural that Efron is extra conscious of people’s scents, now that he’s immersed in the fragrance industry as the face of Hugo Urban Journey by Hugo Boss.

Find out why the collaboration with Hugo Boss is important to him below.