14 Best Cheap Mattresses Under $500: Where to Find a Quality Mattress on a Budget

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The warmer months are a time to refresh your bedroom for quality shut-eye after exerting more energy outdoors. Experts say you should update your bed around every eight years, but why not get a jump start on better sleep and save a little in the process? Comfortable and quality mattresses can easily cost over $1,000, but you can also sleep soundly knowing you didn't break the bank with budget-friendly mattresses under $500. 

We know how tedious it can be to find the best mattress for your sleep needs. While there are around a dozen different types of mattresses, we're going to stick to the main three: innerspring (or coil), hybrid and foam — specifically memory foam and gel memory foam. Ahead, we've done the hard work of finding the best cheap mattresses, no matter if you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. 

The Memory Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are great for anyone who moves around a lot at night. Whether you have restless leg syndrome or you just toss and turn while you sleep, memory foam, gel and polyfoam are great for absorbing motion. Thanks to its ability to absorb movement, you won’t wake up your partner either. However, the plush foam comes at a price. One, they’re a bit more expensive. Also, foam isn’t as supportive as other mattress materials, so it can put a strain on your joints – especially as the foam naturally loses its shape over the years.

With its variable depth top layers of quality gel swirl, Brooklyn Bedding's Memory Foam mattress won't overheat you. 


Green tea in a mattress might seem odd, but green tea is beneficial for your bed by diminishing odor. This Zinus model specifically has an additional transitional layer of polyfoam, so you get some additional cushion in your mattress. 


The perks of this memory foam mattress is the bamboo threads. Because bamboo is hypoallergenic, it helps prevent allergens from attaching to your mattress. 


Gel memory foam mattresses have built-in cooling technology, so they don't hold onto heat and moisture like some other foam mattresses. The firmness of this mattress also gives your joints a bit extra support while your slumber. 


The Tulo memory foam mattress offers all-night comfort with an extra bonus: lavender. Lavender tends to have a relaxing effect, but it also deters mites and germs. So, it's essentially a calming, odor and pest repellent. 


The Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses: The main perk of innerspring mattresses is that they’re usually inexpensive compared to their competitors. Depending on the layout of the coils, how noisy they are and how much pressure they put on your body all depend on the brand and model of the mattress. Thankfully, all the innerspring models we've selected have enough cushioning and support.

This innerspring mattress provides orthopedic support so you can enjoy waking up without an unexpected backache. 


Though this is an innerspring mattress, it still contains your movements like a foam mattress would. However, you get the healthy support you need from the coils in this model. 


Each coil is individually wrapped in its own little pocket. This helps reduce the noise from the coils and improve the motion isolation of the spring. 


With its firm cushioning and the support from the internal coils, this mattress is ideal for people who tend to sleep on their backs. The coils more evenly distribute your weight throughout the night. This means the firm mattress will prevent your neck and back from being stiff in the morning. 


This innerspring mattress has sturdy and supportive wrapped coils. The cushion quilted pockets on top of the mattress contour to your body for extra comfort. 



The Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids are the best of both worlds, but thankfully there are some excellent affordable ones. They’re typically made up of either memory foam or polyfoam, as well as springs. The key component of a hybrid mattress is that it's built up of layers. Because they contain coils below the foam layer, they don’t get as warm as pure-foam mattresses, which is great if you live in a warm climate. Hybrid mattresses often have a layer of supportive and firm foam to keep your joints properly supported so there extra pressure on your knees, hips or back in the middle of the night.

This hybrid mattress is made of breathable material, so you don't have to worry about over heating at night. Plus, you can get 25% off when you use code REFRESH25


This medium hybrid mattress mixes the plush comfort from a gel foam mattress and the back support from a spring mattress. Plus, this mattress model contains a fabric layer that deters bacteria, mildew and mold.


The wrapped coiled on this Classic Brands hybrid mattress move with the memory foam to better support the layer of gel memory foam. Though this model has a cushiony quilted exterior, it has a medium-firm build. 


This medium hybrid mattress features coils that are individually wrapped to help cushion them. The mattress also includes a layer of copper-infused gel. Not only does copper cool down your mattress, it also has moisture-wicking properties to help keep your bed dry and odor-free. 



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