15 Black-Owned Businesses in Health and Wellness to Support Now and Always

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Black-Owned Health and Wellness Brands
Honey Pot, Posh Candle Co., My Therapy Cards, Golde, Boombox Boxing

Businesses around the world have found new ways of serving their customers in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic -- and after several years of unprecedented changes, owning a business looks entirely different than it did before. For Black business owners, everything that comes with keeping a business afloat -- not to mention the stress of day-to-day life -- has been compounded by the ongoing struggles with police brutality, racial injustice and systemic racism seen both in the United States and around the world.

But this year, in honor of Black History Month, the national theme is centered around Black Health and Wellness -- with a focus on examining and acknowledging the work of Black scholars and medical practitioners to better understand what is currently being done to counter the grave deficiencies in healthcare for Black people.  While there are plenty of Black-owned companies in the fashion and beauty industries to support year-round, self-care is particularly important these days.

Luckily, the wellness space is full of brands that are founded and run by Black women and men, and rooted in Black joy. Whether they're selling aromatherapy candles, producing fitness-minded podcasts or shattering stigmas of what it means to be "well" for Black women, each of these companies was once just a dream and is now a hard-earned reality.

But don't just shop these Black-owned businesses today or in honor of Black History Month -- support them regularly, engage with them on social media (you'll be surprised at the impact your likes, follows, and comments can make!) and spread the word to your friends, family and peers. Then seek out other minority-owned companies -- apps like Black NationOfficial Black Wall Street and and EatOkra make this easy -- and repeat. (In addition to committing to discovering and supporting Black-owned businesses and minority entrepreneurs, you can also donate to causes that move you, educate yourself through reliable sources and simply make your voice heard.)

Below, meet some of the Black-owned health and wellness companies to support in honor of Black History Month and beyond.

Grounded Plants

Plants as therapy? Grounded Plants cofounders Mignon Hemsley and Danuelle Doswell say yes. Their brand new online shop is packed with varieties like golden pothos and aloe vera to help you decompress and disconnect, resulting in a healthier and happier you. (Also, their three-month subscription service is simply genius.) Check for restocks soon. 

Jade Plant
Grounded Plants

For the green thumbs out there, this little jade plant will be a cute, livening piece to add to your home.


My Therapy Cards

Dr. Ebony Butler, Ph.D., is in the business of wellness. After seeing the racial disparities present in her work first-hand, Butler founded My Therapy Cards -- a basic (yet totally adorable) card deck that's created specifically to help women of color better understand their mental health and ultimately take control of their well-being destiny.

Postal Petals

Business in bloom! Los Angeles–based Black entrepreneur Talia Boone used the early days of the pandemic to launch a completely genius farm-to-table flower delivery platform. Postal Petals works much like a produce delivery service, shipping handpicked boxes of fresh, seasonal flowers and greenery that you can arrange -- or learn to arrange -- to perfectly suit your home and style preferences. Boxes come in three sizes and include six to 15 bundles of fresh flowers from carefully chosen farm partners, as well as care and design tips. (You can also seek out ideas on Postal Petals' Instagram feed.) Find calmness in arranging the flowers solo or grab up to five friends and book a Petal Party virtual workshop, where you'll all design your own masterpieces from the same bundles.

Want to send a loved one a sweet little something? Postal Petals makes it easy with its ready-to-ship arrangements.


Boombox Boxing Club

Reggie "Jefe" Smith and Angela "AJ Boomin" Jennings founded Washington, DC-based Boombox Boxing Club as a way to offer both boxing-inspired group fitness classes and a strong, teamwork-minded community. Boombox is navigating the coronavirus pandemic with $10 virtual classes that anyone can join -- and continuing their mission of making boxing-inspired training accessible to all.

Ready to break a sweat? Get in the mood with this boxing-themed tank top from Boombox Boxing Club.



Sinikiwe Dhliwayo founded Naaya with the purpose of redefining "wellness" into a term that centers on Black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). Her video on why we need to have difficult conversations is a must-watch.

If you're eager to be enlightened, Naaya offers Talk: Power Dynamics with experts like Layla F. Saad, the author of Me and White Supremacy to share their experiences as Black women.


Posh Candle Co.

Creating a soothing and relaxed at-home space arguably begins with simply lighting a great candle -- and Posh Candle Co. has more than a few in their inventory that provide just as much positive energy as they do peace. These soy scented candles are both effective and encouraging -- with sayings printed across the jar that read things like "Black Girl Magic" and "Bad and Bougie."

You might not need a candle to embrace all of your inner Black Girl Magic, but this amber-colored jar candle from Posh Candle Co. will definitely help to release the right kind of energy in your room. Plus, it features notes of brown sugar, coconut and honey.


Balanced Black Girl

This uplifting podcast, book club and supportive wellness community for women of color was founded by Lestraundra “Les” Alfred, a fitness trainer and nutrition coach.

Want more guidance for your wellness journey? Opt for a community membership to Balanced Black Girl, which will give you resources and connect you to others also working towards greater wellness.


Transparent & Black

 Writer Yasmine Jameelah created this wellness collective by curating digital content, a Transparent Talk series, apparel and more. Jameelah says, "I believe that wellness like people of color is multifaceted and it should be free to take on as many forms as it sees fit. Here, we embrace it all."

Show your support for Transparent Black Girl's parent organization Transparent & Black with this simple statement tee.


PUR Home

Angela Richardson isn't just PUR Home's founder and CEO -- she is also the formulator and product developer for the company's line of natural household and skincare products. From organic castile soap to lavender-grapefruit laundry detergent to waterless all-purpose bar soap, PUR Home's products are proudly plant-based, biodegradable and low toxic.

Look, there's no reason you shouldn't have more cleaning products handy and ready. And this citrus-scented scrub cleaner is the perfect bathroom or kitchen cleaning tool.


Love Notes LLC

Founded by Brooklyn-based Nya Kam, Love Notes hand-pours custom blended aromatherapy candles in heavenly scent combos like lemon verbena-ginger-mint and black amber-lavender-pear. Love Notes also sells Self-ish body teas, for those seeking an extra-luxurious bathing and soaking experience. 

With notes of lemon verbana, ginger and mint, this will be the essential candle to add new life to your home. Plus, when you've burned through the candle, you can reuse the glass container for something else.



Glamourina activewear was founded in the hopes of helping women of color to live out healthier lifestyles -- not only on their own terms, but in their own favorite styles too. The Black-owned and size-inclusive brand sells everything from sports bras and leggings, to biker shorts, logo hats and more.

Being sporty and stylish go hand-in-hand. Whether you're hitting the gym, heading out for a walk or just indulging in some at-home yoga, you can feel good and look even better with these athleticwear styles from Glamourina.



Trinity Mouzon Wofford is the powerhouse behind Golde, a Brooklyn-based vegan company that makes superfood-boosted wellness and beauty essentials. Their latte blends and face masks are filled with ingredients like turmeric, matcha and spirulina, and their Instagram feed is filled with recipes, tips and inspo.

Want an energy boost without the jitters of caffeine? Make yourself a drink with Golde's Matcha Tumeric Latte Blend.



BLK+GRN is all about community. The company's website is an all-natural marketplace that connects Black people with high-quality, toxic-free brands like Dirt Don't Hurt (pictured above), and the weekly BLK+GRN podcast spotlights Black female artisans, their stories and their products.

Put yourself in the zone for a calm evening with an organic, fizzy bath bomb.


The Honey Pot

What does it mean to be the first plant-based feminine care system on the market? For Honey Pot CEO Bea Dixon, it's personal -- she suffered from bacterial vaginosis for months before starting her herb-powered line of products to cleanse, protect and balance the vagina.

Looking for an intimate cleanser? This sensitive option from The Honey Pot will balance your pH level to boost moisture and soothe your most intimate area.



Muniq is a line of science-based nutritional shakes that feed your gut with natural prebiotic resistant starch fibers to promote a healthy gut microbiome, help manage blood sugar and strengthen immunity, among other health benefits. The shakes were formulated with the diabetic community in mind but are a match for anyone wanting to improve their health from the inside out -- there's even a vegan chocolate option. CEO Marc Washington founded Muniq in honor of his later sister, Monica, as a nutrition solution that would have empowered her to take greater control of her health.

Maintaining a plant-based diet comes easy with Muniq's vegan shake mix. Mix this in with water or your favorite type of milk and you're set to go!


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