'90 Day Fiance': Anna and Mursel's Wedding is In Serious Jeopardy After She Gives Him This Ultimatum

Anna and Mursel from '90 Day Fiance'

Mursel's big secret finally came to a head on Sunday's new episode of '90 Day Fiance.'

Mursel's big secret finally came to a head on Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiance.

A major issue between Mursel and Anna -- who are both 38 and met on Facebook and connected over both being beekeepers -- this season on the hit TLC reality show is that Mursel has been keeping the fact that Anna has three sons from a previous relationship a secret from his parents. Mursel, who is from Turkey, says because of his family's strict values, they would never speak to him again if they found out. Not surprisingly, Anna has been extremely bothered by him hiding her sons from his family, and her sons are also not fond of Mursel. But when Anna tells her friends at her bachelorette party on Sunday's episode about Mursel keeping such a big secret, they bluntly tell her that she needs to reconsider marrying him before they straighten out their issues.

Anna's gal-pals also ask deeply personal questions about her sex life while out drinking. Mursel doesn't drink and Anna says that he allows her to drink once a week, but that he doesn't want to kiss or have sex with her after -- though she does admit that they have anyway. After answering even more NSFW questions, she later tells TLC cameras that she has "no complaints" about their sex life.

After facing a few harsh truths at the bachelorette party, Anna says she can no longer accept Mursel keeping her sons a secret and tells him that they cannot marry unless he comes clean to his parents. He says that he can't do that and that it's a "big problem" for him, which leaves the two at an impasse. However, in a preview for next week's episode of 90 Day Fiance, it appears Mursel does tell his parents, who in turn tell him to leave Anna.

Though it remains to be seen if Anna and Mursel can overcome such a big issue -- and also their language barrier given that Mursel speaks very limited English -- in a supertease of this season of 90 Day Fiance, Mursel and Anna are shown breaking down in tears at the airport and Anna asking him not to go.

To see the emotional moment, watch the video below: