'90 Day Fiancé': Elizabeth's Brother Causes a Major Scene With Andrei at Her Wedding

Watch Charlie ruin Elizabeth and Andrei's wedding day.

Elizabeth and Andrei's big wedding day in his home country of Moldova finally happened on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, but not without some cringe-worthy drama between Elizabeth's family and Andrei.

Elizabeth's parents and two of her siblings -- her brother, Charlie, and her sister, Jenn -- traveled to Moldova to see Elizabeth and Andrei get married a second time in front of his friends and family, but the trip has gone far from smoothly. Andrei and Elizabeth's family do not get along and at one point, Andrei and Charlie almost got into a physical fight after Charlie wouldn't stop asking Andrei about why he moved from Moldova to Ireland where he ended up meeting Elizabeth, before he moved to Tampa, Florida, to be with her. Although Charlie implied that Andrei was only out to get a green card from his sister, Andrei later claimed that he left Moldova to avoid a corrupt police force after he refused to do shady activities as a detective.

Clearly though, the beef was not squashed by the wedding day. Elizabeth's family continued to experience extreme culture shock and were stunned by the wedding reception, which included a troupe of professional dancers and singers.

"This isn't a wedding, this is a show," Charlie commented.

Charlie also got increasingly drunk as the night continued. Eventually, his resentment when it came to Elizabeth and Andrei surfaced. Charlie had an issue with Andrei showing off a big wedding in front of his family and friends in Moldova, when it was actually his and Elizabeth's dad, Chuck, that paid for it. Andrei is a stay-at-home dad in Tampa, which has also been a big issue for Elizabeth's family.

"King of Moldova, but a b**ch a** in America," he yelled at one point, to the shock of Chuck, who told him to tone it down.

Later, a clearly inebriated Charlie told TLC cameras that it was unfair that Chuck paid for Elizabeth's lavish second wedding in Moldova, but not his other children's.

"I think the wedding's, uh, expensive, like... And it's like, um, my dad has, like, seven kids, so it's, like, um, did you do this for every other kid? No, you didn't," he said. "So, you know, it's like, why are you doing this for him? Like, why? Why?"

Things went from bad to worse when after a lovely speech from Chuck, who noted that Andrei was now part of the family and that they loved him, Charlie took the microphone to bash Andrei in front of his friends and family.

Pointing at Chuck, he said, "I was gonna say, um, you need to stop paying for y'all bullsh**."

He then addressed Andrei as the mood in the room got tense.

"Get your sh** together," Charlie said. "Don't come to America and try to, um, uh, live off my dad. Don't ask my dad for sh**, OK? Come to America and, uh, earn your sh**, OK?"

At this point, an incensed Andrei told Elizabeth, "I'm going to f**k up your brother."

Andrei quickly took Charlie outside, and the episode ended up with Charlie asking him, "You trying to fight me in Moldova? Come on, dude."

In a preview of next week's episode, Charlie continues to accuse Elizabeth and Andrei of "stealing" Chuck's money as Elizabeth pleads for him to not ruin her big day.

When ET spoke to Andrei and Elizabeth in July, and he said that "time will tell" when it comes to if he will ever get along with Elizabeth's family, but that "there's always hope." But he still wasn't overly grateful that Chuck paid for their wedding in Moldova, insisting that Chuck did in fact pay for all of his daughters' weddings.
"It is normal," he stressed. "He paid for everybody else's wedding, he paid for her sisters' weddings."

To hear Andrei's thoughts on the criticism he's received over his alpha male attitude while not having a job, watch the video below.



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