'90 Day Fiance': Gino Implies Jasmine 'Provoked' His Ex to Post Private Photos of Her (Exclusive)

Gino and Jasmine have another fight, after just making up, about his ex who leaked Jasmine's nude photos.

The conversation about Gino's ex is about to take a turbulent twist!

In a clip from Sunday's upcoming 90 Day Fiancé, Jasmine explains the way her life took a shift, after one of Gino's ex girlfriends shared her nude photos across the internet. In a private interview, Jasmine explains that she lost her job as a school teacher in Panama, and it's all because Gino sent the pictures to his ex

Back in Michigan, while standing in the kitchen, Gino asks Jasmine if it's her fault that she got into a fight with the ex. 

"Did you say anything to provoke it?" he asks. 

Jasmine, who is cutting veggies with a sharp knife, asks Gino to repeat the question just to make sure she heard him correctly.

As Jasmine sits with the blade of the knife upwards, Gino asks her once again if she was the one who provoked the fight.

"Did you say anything to provoke the fight, or was she just attacking you out of the blue?" Gino asks again.  

"What did you f**king say?" Jasmine says while becoming visibly upset. "She was making fun of me. Insulting my physical appearance, she was making ugly comments about my t**s, the ones that you sent, and she look at. And you are really asking me if I provoke her."

Gino begins tells Jasmine that she needs to calm down because she is "out of control" -- a move that only upsets her more. 

"Because you're f**king stupid," she yells. "All the emotional humiliation that I went through and the whole f**king world knew what you did to me. She sent my naked pictures to every f**king blogger she knew and all these f**king people were looking at myself naked and you're asking if I provoke her," she says through tears as the clip ends. 

Fans may remember during their 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days journey, Gino came clean with Jasmine about sharing her naked pictures with one of his ex-girlfriends. 

After initially denying his actions, Gino then admitted he did send the pictures, but said he sent the photos to show his ex "how hot" his new girlfriend was. Not surprisingly, Jasmine got extremely upset and broke down in tears, noting how she trusted Gino when sending him the pictures and would now never be able to trust him again.

Gino told cameras, "I wish I could take it back. But, um, it is true that I sent topless photos to my ex of Jasmine. I sent the pictures as revenge to show how amazing and wonderful of a girlfriend I have at this moment. It was a huge mistake, obviously."

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