'90 Day Fiancé': Gino Is Stunned by Jasmine Asking Him to Get a Will (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode, Jasmine wants to know if Gino is going to take care of her forever.

Gino and Jasmine's prenup drama has turned into one about his will. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Gino is shocked when Jasmine asks him to get a will before they're set to get married.

During the latest episode, Gino and Jasmine fought about him wanting a prenup before they tie the knot. Jasmine was hurt because she felt like he thought she was using him for money when they had already been engaged for a year, and she also admitted she was affected by the bad experience she had with her ex-husband, whom she claimed hid all their money and left her with nothing. Jasmine insulted Gino with low blows about his sex drive and her handsome ex, but in this clip, the two have obviously cooled their anger. Jasmine apologizes and Gino says she needs to work on not saying such hurtful things to him. Jasmine says he also has to understand that she fights him because he makes her feel like she's not the most important thing in his life, but Gino says that he's always loved her. Gino calls off the prenup, even though Jasmine tells cameras she was actually willing to sign it.

"I'm so thankful that I shut up my mouth and let him talk first," she tells cameras with a laugh.

Later, Jasmine asks Gino if he would consider getting a will at that moment. Gino is shocked.

"We're like a few months away from getting married," he says. "And you're worried about me dying?"

Jasmine says she is because "anything can happen" and she doesn't want to be alone in the United States. Gino says if something happens to him, she'll be with his family in Michigan. But Jasmine isn't happy with that given she doesn't have the best relationship with them.

"I'm willing to leave my home just to be with Gino," she tells cameras. "That scares me a lot because Gino's family has never accepted me and something is telling me that they are gonna try to be in between my relationship with Gino. What if something happens to Gino before we get married? I'm gonna be left alone with no protection, no nothing. I want a will because I want that feeling that he will always look after me -- always."

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC. 

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