'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Jasmine Calls Off Engagement to Gino After He Asks for a Prenup

Jasmine's explosive temper reared its ugly head on Sunday's episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.'

Not surprisingly, Gino asking Jasmine for a prenup didn't go smoothly. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Gino raised the issue for a prenup and Jasmine quickly lost her temper and cruelly rubbed her ex-boyfriend in his face.

Gino told cameras that he was worried that Jasmine was expecting to live a life of luxury once she comes to the U.S., based on her spending habits. For this reason he wanted her to sign a prenup, which she had previously already shut down in the past. But he said he had to bring it up again since their visa could be approved at any second and they still had a lot of issues.

Gino told Jasmine that he had worked hard all his life and asked her how she would feel about signing a prenup. Gino tried to soften the blow by stressing they were both "very in love" with each other but then awkwardly lost his train of thought when she glared at him. Jasmine -- who previously said she lost her job teaching English literature after Gino sent her topless photos to his ex without her consent and word got out -- told him it hurt her to know he was going into the marriage thinking they were going to get divorced. She bluntly told him he sounded "stupid."

"You know what, if you want to hear me from the bottom of my heart, like, f**k you, like, 100 times, f**k you," she told him. "It's very disrespectful."

She then took off her ring and said they were no longer engaged. She told cameras that Gino bringing up a prenup hurt even more now given that they had already been together for two years and she was upset that he thought she was just out to get his money. She then abruptly said she wanted to leave the restaurant they were eating at. Gino told cameras her actions made him question even more her true intentions when it comes to getting married.

Later, Gino said Jasmine spent the night in another room and that it didn't "feel good" and he didn't want the relationship to end over a prenup. He then wrote out his own proposal on a piece of paper that he said had "Jasmine's best interests" in mind. But when Gino presented it to her, she got even more upset. Jasmine explained to cameras that she was affected by a bad situation with her ex-husband, claiming that he hid all the money and she was left with nothing but her clothing.

"If there is a prenup, I'm not going to f**king marry you," she emotionally told Gino. "Period. I'm not going to listen."

When Gino walked out, Jasmine called him a "f**king idiot" and burst into tears.

Gino said Jasmine's actions are why he wanted a prenup.

"She's always screaming and yelling and can't have a normal conversation," he told cameras. "I can't talk to her and that's a problem. Yes, I love her, but I have fears about her temper since I've met her in person."

Jasmine attempted to kick Gino out and when he gave her his handwritten proposal, she violently grabbed it and didn't agree with his terms that he said were favorable to her. She ripped it up and threw it in his face. Jasmine said that Gino brought out her bad side and that she got along with her exes better than she did with him -- then she hit him with low blows.

"I feel more attracted to my ex even than to f**k you and he's better looking than you," she said. "And he has even more money than you. And he's young and he doesn't have sex problems like you do."

Gino retaliated and told her, "You're the worst sexual person in the world."

Jasmine shot back, "You should just go and ask my ex-boyfriend if I'm the worst sexual person. Go and ask him."

When Gino asked her why she wasn't with her ex, she said she wouldn't answer that and "if only [he] knew."

"All I want is love and to be loved and to be respected," she told cameras. "And I'm not getting any of these things from Gino bringing up this prenup stuff. Like, I have kept up with all his s**t, his lies, communicating with exes, like, no woman has loved him the way I love him. But Gino is looking at me like a gold digger, so, that's very painful."

ET spoke to Jasmine about this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and she addressed her handsome ex, Dane, who viewers saw in a previous episode since he lives in the same apartment building as her and Gino. She admitted that throwing her ex in Gino's face was "low."

"It was very, very bad. You don't tell that to a man -- even if that was true or not, that was the lowest of the low," she said. "Now that I'm saying it, I was like, my goodness I can't believe it and this is what I'm talking about. When I get mad, I know people and I know what word I should use to hurt them badly, you know? And I use those words because I'm very articulated when I'm mad." 

Jasmine said she was still working on her explosive temper, which is clearly still an issue this season.

"I'm very aware of it and I keep telling myself, yes, I'm working on it. I'm trying my best. But when I'm calm it's like, no, I won't do it again. I'm gonna pick my words, I'm gonna go to the corner, calm down. But when I'm mad, you know, it's like oops, I did it again," she explained. "I try harder the next time, so yeah, there is still a super jealous, controlling Jasmine, yes, but at least, you know, she's aware of it and she's still trying to control herself. It's not easy, it's like a beast inside of me. It's a very nice, lovely, lovely Jasmine and then we have this other Jasmine that, even myself, I'm afraid of because I know it gets very obvious sometimes."

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