'90 Day Fiancé': Jasmine Reveals How Gino Feels About Her Handsome Ex Dane (Exclusive)

On Sunday's premiere of '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,' viewers were shocked at Jasmine's extremely attractive ex, Dane.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers were left in shock on Sunday's season 6 premiere episode, when one of Jasmine's exes was revealed -- and he's nothing like Gino. ET spoke to Jasmine ahead of the premiere and she shared why it didn't work out with her handsome and successful ex, Dane, and Gino's "cute" reaction to him.

Despite Jasmine and Gino's troubled romance on last season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days -- which included Jasmine discovering Gino had been on a sugar daddy website, him sending topless photos of her to his ex and producers having to step in when she physically attacked him -- 35-year-old Jasmine and 53-year-old Gino are giving their relationship another try this season as Gino once again travels to Panama to see her.

"Jasmine pushes me to my limits but there's not a lot I wouldn't do for her," Gino told cameras. "She's a feisty, passionate Latina and she's the love of my life."

But the two are still struggling with big issues in their relationship, mainly when it comes to finances and issues in the bedroom. Jasmine got extremely candid about her sex drive being higher than his and said that his trip to Panama was their last chance to reignite their spark before deciding whether or not to pursue coming to America with him. 

Later, she said she finally got him to agree to pay one month of rent for a luxury apartment in Panama. But she told cameras that she didn't tell Gino how she found out about the apartment -- through her ex, Dane. She's then shown meeting up with Dane, who's from Australia and is undeniably attractive. Jasmine said she met Dane five years ago through mutual friends.

"He's a person you can trust," she said, giggling. "He's handsome, he's rich. I mean, he has so many good qualities."

Jasmine shared that Dane was the last person she dated before Gino and they were together for only a short period of time.

"Dane is a good guy and he's handsome. But I need chaos, I need passion," she said. "I need someone that's gonna give me that fight. With Dane, he was too delicate like a prince and that's not my style."

During her meeting with Dane, Jasmine told him about Gino sharing topless photos of her to his ex-girlfriend and said that she lost her job as an English literature teacher because the information spread through schools.

"He ruined my career," she bluntly said.

Dane was shocked and told Jasmine he felt she was "fantastic" and urged her not to settle for something that's not what she wanted for herself.

Although Dane appears to be the whole package, when Jasmine spoke to ET, she further explained why things didn't work out with Dane.

"Currently, you know, I like spice," she said. "And I like passion, it's not that I like problems and drama. ... With Dane, it's so perfect. He's such a gentleman. I used to call him Príncipe [prince] ... And yes, that's the dream of any woman but I got bored -- no fights, no arguments, no nothing. He agrees with everything. And I got bored. As crazy as it sounds, I got bored and I ran away. I'm a free spirit. And this kind of life is boring for me."

Jasmine did note that for the first time, Gino acted jealous when it came to Dane.

"If there's something that I admire from Gino is that he almost never says something negative about anyone, you know?" she explained. "But, for the first time ever... he was like, 'Oh, I don't know how you like this guy, blue eyes, like, come on ... long hair, I don't like it, you're crazy. He looks like a dog.' And then he would say, 'And look at his lips, he has no lips.' And I look at Gino and I'm like, listen, we have the same freaking lips, the same lips, both of them. He has very tiny lips and I like tiny lips because mine are big, you know?"

"So for the first time in a while, he's saying these kind of nasty things about a person. I was kind of like, oh, that was cute for me," she continued. "I know that's crazy but I was like, that is super cute because he was actually intimidated by him. Yeah, this is a person that is not just good-looking but he is filthy rich. I mean, any woman would be like yes, why not, but not me, I'm a special breed."  

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