'90 Day Fiancé': Julia Shows Off Her Sexy Dancing During a Job Interview

Brandon and Julia got a rude awakening about moving out of his parents' farm.

Brandon and Julia got a rude awakening when it came to moving out of his parents' farm. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, the couple went apartment hunting and quickly realized Julia's tastes don't fit their budget. Julia also went on a job interview, and awkwardly showed off her go-go dancing skills on camera.

Since her 90 Day Fiancé introduction, Julia has been wanting desperately to move out of Brandon's parents' farm since arriving from Russia to marry him. While Brandon has always been reluctant, he finally pulled the trigger during last week's episode when he felt that his over-controlling mom, Betty, disrespected his wishes at his dad, Ron's, birthday party. Brandon and Julia had insisted that his parents not mention their private wedding at the party but Betty not only invited their pastor to the party, who gave a speech, but she also bought them a wedding cake much to Brandon's annoyance.

On Sunday's episode, they started the apartment-hunting process, and Julia hilariously dressed them alike and insisted that Brandon wear a black turtleneck despite the warm weather.

Julia also called the listing agent to see the apartment without even asking about the price. When Brandon told her that an apartment could range from $800 to $1200 a month, she couldn't believe it and said that would be eight months rent in Russia. Later, the two toured the three-bedroom apartment and while it looked great, the $1800 a month price tag was too much for Brandon. Julia hilariously told the listing agent, "Thank you for show my dreams," before turning to Brandon and saying, "Thank you for broke my dreams."

Julia was clearly frustrated and said she would work to help pay the rent, but Brandon reminded her that they would also need money for other things like a deposit and furniture.

"And we're taking steps now," he said about moving out. "We just can't take the wrong steps."

Julia in turn said that Brandon needed to step up as a husband and that she couldn't wait anymore to move out. Later, Julia interviewed for a job at a gym and it was truly eye-opening for everyone involved.

"I've done some working out in some gyms, and I've seen, like, the dance instruction classes and everything, and ... I think Julia's dance style might be a little too sexy for what they're looking for," Brandon noted before her interview.

At the gym, the interviewer, David, told her that the premise of the class was to use dumbbells for strength training and then end with a dance routine. He was clearly shocked when she busted out her sexy routine.

"She definitely has, you know, talent," David told cameras. "Clearly, she hasn't done this before, so some of the things got a little risqué. You know, coming down to the floor is not really what we tend to do, um, a lot of people can't move their body that way. So, that's step one if you're gonna teach that kinda class, you do have to be able to demonstrate and emulate what you want the rest of the class to do."

After the interview, David said that to work at the gym, Julia would have to take classes and get certified. Julia expressed her frustration to cameras, explaining that she didn't understand why America needed a certification for working at a gym given that she wasn't trying to be a doctor and she already had dance experience.

"But now is again waiting," she said. "I'm tired of this."


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